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A Night of Unfinished Business

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After many attempts, finally we took down Yogg-Saron:

The fall of Yogg-Saron
Halion, alas, had a strange reluctance to fall down in front of us, and after the loss of Kaboodle to sleepy-time, we went to try our luck in the Trial of the Crusader.

Anub'Arak beaten
We cleared the place in about 30 mins. Might be time to make our way to the Cataclysm raids...
Lich King RIP
A little late, perhaps. But we got him. :-)

Ravens return to Molten Core

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Three week ago the Ravens made a return to Molten Core.

Half dozen toons were run through the attunement process, then we charged in, pretty much rubbing out whatever came in our path. Although I do remember some tricky bits with comments along the lines of 'think how hard this would be to coordinate with 40 of us'.

I'm sure some people have better recollection of events than I... I think I was on port that night and in any case was too busy taking photos to really pay attention.

So here they are, Blayse's travel snaps:

on our way
WoWScrnShot_060109_211945 on our way.jpg

trouble with fire WoWScrnShot_060109_213008 trouble with fire.jpg

The Fall of Zul'Jin

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Zul'Jin down
Last night a small, if ever-so-slightly over powered, Ravens headed into Zul'aman to finally deal with the menace of the Amani trolls. The first three bosses fell quickly and easily, and their hostages were rescued. The fourth boss was harder to find, and sadly sacrificed his hostage during the fight. 

The original group of Fluffynump, Gradjo, Rivelinho, Aberas, Leafshine, Myhrel and Andromache was joined by Esatobeen and Blyase for the assault on HexLord Malacross and Zul'jin himself. Malacros and his hencemen went down easily, and Zul'jin fared little better, despite Leaf and Blayse getting stuck behind the wall of fire. 

Mhyrel got some pretties, and Andro got a lot of shards...

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