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Leafy's Lucky Links

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It's raining gnomes!
Gold spammers commit vertically-challenged genocide.

The site for tree-huggers everywhere!

The Scout Report

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I've been looking for a new WoW comic since Flintlocke died. I may just have found it.

The Scout Report is very entertaining, and somehow it makes me think of Psia…

Leafy's Daily Webtrawl

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Do you think Blizz's customer service isn't all it could be? You're not alone:

WoW just had a patch a few weeks ago, and as usual their patch distribution system failed. This may be because their patch distribution system is best described as “let’s make something so frustrating people will just host the patches for us.”

Always seems to work fine on the Mac, though…

Weirdness corner: players on one server are going to hold an in-game memorial for Steve Irwin, the Crocadile Hunter.

And lastly, I can't resist this video:

Draenei Classes
The classes available to the new Burning Crusade races have been revealed at last:

So, with the release of the Burning Crusade, new Draenei players will be able to choose from warrior, paladin, hunter, priest, shaman, and mage options, while new Blood Elves will be able to pick from paladin, hunter, rogue, priest, mage, and warlock.

Read more at WoW Insider.

View Adam’s Blog
I popped into Procter Street this afternoon to sort through some stuff, and found a letter from a firm called UBS.

» Read more on Vox -> Test Realm Patch Notes:

World of Warcraft Client Patch

(Disclaimer: These patch notes are for the Public Test Realm and the content of the patch is subject to change.)

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.11.0

Shadow of the Necropolis

Floating above the Plaguelands, the necropolis known as Naxxramas serves as the seat of one of the Lich King's most powerful officers, the dreaded lich Kel'Thuzad. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are gathering inside the necropolis as the Lich King's servants prepare their assault. The Scourge marches again...

Naxxramas is the new 40-man raid dungeon that will present even the most experienced and powerful players with an epic challenge.

And much more…

Potions changes coming?

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Interesting bit of news, culled from the forums.

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Help for Bugged Tailors

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For those of you who aren't skilled cloth workers, tailoring has been bugged since the last major patch, with the different patterns not showing up as grey, green, yellow or red. This is obviously annoying when you're trying to train.

However, I just found this handy-dandy chart which solves the problems for now:

Tailoring chart

Hunter and Mage Talent Guides

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Here's a couple of handy guides to help sort the wheat from the chaff when spending those valuable talent points...



Happy reading...

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