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To: Mistress Andromache, Ravens Personel

From: Officer Alarqa

Re: Arcatraz - Mission Accomplished

Last night 5 Ravens entered the Arcatraz wing of Tempest Keep in an attempt to discover the location of the Cipher of Damnation and disrupt the agenda of the Blood Elf Rebel, and self styled "King Kael’thas", using both the current rebellion and specially developed shock and awe tactics for rapid domination of the prison complex.

The group, comprised of dedicated specialists Alarqa, Hadren, Psia, Rivelinho, and Valkarn, entered the facility without difficulty at approximately 20.15. Observing the distraction of the initial Blood Elf security team by mutant forces, we quickly secured the entrance and surrounding perimeter.

Venturing deeper into the complex, we came across our first true opposition in the form of both a Deathwatcher and a Mutant Protean and it's brood. Unfortunately, we were overcome and had to return from Cosmowrench and re-assess our tactics.

With ranged specialist Psia tactically isolating targets, we soon progressed to the first major overlord of the complex.

With at least 10 + previous unsuccessful attempts (approximately 1-2 months ago) to remove this threat in a permanent fashion, we were extremely cautious in planning our strategy for this attempt, but determined to finally achieve success.

After a somewhat chaotic fight, we prevailed. We managed to retrieve an extremely rare Druidic Idol which this abomination had presumeably stolen from a prisoner in the past. Unfortunately, it was magically enchanted to bind to the person who looted it, so Hadren disenchanted it. (Unfortunate, but unavoidable)

Continuing into the complex we easily overcame all opposition, and made a fantastic discovery on the next level - an enchanted crystal containing copies of the final key fragment for Karazan! Hadren too the opportunity to take a quick rest and we drafted in warrior Lorcan for a brief fight against the fragment guardian. Psia, Lorcan and Rivelinho all managed to aquire a copy of the fragment, and will soon have the key and attunement neccessary for a Ravens mission to Karazhan.

Hadren rejoined the group, and we comntinued securing the outer rooms of the second level of the prison.

We managed to overcome two more overlords (with only one return to Cosmowrench to re-assess tactics for the first of these two overlords), however, as before, we had to disenchant the rare items they had in their possession due to them being of no value to any of the group.

Proceeding to the third level of the prison, we reached the point where all previous Ravens attempts to breach security had been foiled by two huge robotic sentinels. After 2 returns to Cosmowrench to re-assess tactics, we managed to overcome them, and quickly proceeded to the tactical command centre for the entire prison. After 2 attempts to take control of this centre, ranged specialist Psia was recalled to base command due to pressing family needs. In his place we drafted in magical damage specialist Raizen.

After one more unsuccessful attempt, we managed to destroy all opposition, and successfully overcame the extremely powerful Harbinger Skyriss. This time, the profit for our efforts was extremely good, with Hadren wining a dice roll against Valkarn for a Primal Nether, Alarqa losing a "joke roll" against Valkarn (but still recieving the item) for an extremely powerful plate Chestpiece, and Valkarn recieving the disenchanted shard from a Hallowed Crown, which Hadren did not need.

The successful completion of our mission into this ancient Naaru prison facility concluded at approximately 23.50.


(Psia unfortunately had to leave about 15 min before this)

Report from the First Flight

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Dear Mistress Andropants,

Here is the Leafy report from the First Flight we sent through the Dark Portal last night.

As you know, combined Alliance and Horde forces finally succeeded in driving the demonic forces back through the Portal at 11pm yesterday. A small First Flight of Ravens was dispatched through the Portal soon after 11pm, consisting of Paladins Eldernar and Valkarn, Warrior Jadur, Rogue Rivelinho and Druid Leafshine. Me!

Eldenar bravely volunteered to test the portal's safety when Jadur pushed him through. When Eldenar returned looking unharmed but even more grumpy than normal, we were all very happy, apart from Jadur who went a bit quiet. We mustered out strength, sharpened our weapons, packed a spare pair of trousers and leaped through the portal.

Alliance forces were working with the Horde to hold back wave after wave of demons on the other side. We briefly joined in the combat against the Fel forces, but eventually remembered that we had orders to report to an Alliance commander there. He directed us to a flight master and onwards to to the Alliance encampment set up by the expedition who left for Outland 20 years ago! They survive! And they desperately need out help.

We're leaving shortly on a critical mission against nasty, red, corrupted orcs.

Send more Ravens! We need all the help we can.

Also, got a very pretty feathery top. Very chic.


Well after a good day's rest it was time to ride back out into the unknown to help those in need.  The Path of Glory is scattered with the bones of the dead I had been given a vial of holy water and asked if I would lay the souls of those that had fallen there in its defence.  The bones of the fallen had been trampled into the dirt and the filthy orcs.  I found them laughing to themselves, but not for long as I charged into the fray Unstoppable Force glowing with holy power smashed its way through the orcs allowing me to reach the bones of the departed and lay their souls to rest.  Leaving the road now scattered with the bodies of dead orcs I
decided it was time to complete the orders I had received when I first arrived.

Expedition point needed help, they were becoming over run with imps and demons.  I arrived in the nick of time as demons were almost upon them.  I called forth the power of the light to consecrate the ground beneath me.
This soon got the imps attention and they swarmed towards me, dancing and jumping threatening to overpower me.  I concentrated and launched my mace into the large demon in their centre and then swung at the those surround him, as soon as they were dead more seemed to appear from the very air and I was back into battle.  An exhausted fight ensured but more and more alliance poured over the rise and we soon had control of the area and the pressure was relieved from expedition point.

Valkarn's Report

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Day 1 in the Outlands Everything I do not need in a hurry has been sent to Nevin to sort out and I have crossed through the portal to Outlands.  Demons, thousands of them sir, meant my first trip to visit the spirit guides in the Outlands. Unable to find my path into the light they kicked me straight back out into outlands and back into the fight. Leafshine decided it was about time we reported to the Alliance commander and we found a flight point near the portal and took flight.I always said the world was flat, because this time when you look down you can see the edges.

Picture_2 Watch out for the damn worms they jump up out of the ground and leap upon you before you know it.  After slaughtering the offending worm its guts spilled out before me I noticed a satchel with some Alliance markings, all that was left of some patrol.  I packed it away to and made sure that later on I delivered it to its destination.

Jadur is great to have along when trying to find the enemy, as he has this knack of drawing all the enemy to one place all at once.  This saves a lot of time and running around, I don’t know how he does it.  Anyway the enemy numbers thinned and a bunch of wood and metal gathered we returned to the hold.  My reward for this was beautifully crafted uncommon set of plated greaves.  I checked the rare pair I had on and decided that it was time to shard my old pair and slip into my new pair.

Day of Dragons

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Today was Leafshine's day of dragons.


Leafy was riding through Duskwood, when one of the green dragons announced its presence. Being a curious sort, she went for a look.

A young paladin asked is she and Leaf could take the dragon. Sweet.

Then, while fishing in the Swamp of Sorrows, Leaf was invited to join a raid to take down Teremus the Devourer, alongside members of Exalted and several other guilds.


We won!


The Leaning Elves of Azshara

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On Saturday evening Andromache set out to Azshara to study with Magister Xylem in his tower near the ancient elven ruins of Eldarath. She was immediately unsettled by the twisted landscape but eventually succeeded in finding the Archmage. Little did she know that her troubles were only beginning. Braving the twisted reality of the tower where walls and floors disapeared without warning, Andromache was tasked with aquiring Glittering Dust from the blood elves who yet abide in this ruined land. She searched high and low for the Horde sympathizers, eventually discovering them but little appreciating the nightmare she was about to enter.

The Leaning Elves of Azshara

Glimpsing their compound from a distance, our heroine immediately realized something was wrong: the foe moved unnaturally, gliding across the land rather than striding as normal beings do. As Andromache approached they showed little emotion until suddenly, without warning, a fireball lanced out from one. Summoning a ward against fire and weaving her own offensive spells, Andromache counterattacked. Fire lashed the blood elf, and lightning bolts and frost, yet it still showed no emotion. Only when a titanic fireball engulfed the elf did it finally succomb, yet the nightmare only worsened. Rather than falling to the floor, the dead elf leant forward at about thirty degrees. Andromache approached the strange foe, wondering what afflicted these puppet-like elves.

The corpse blinked.

Andromache's resolved waivered, but she vowed not to abandon the task before her. She encountered several more elves and all seemed to suffer the same affliction as the first elf while a select few, presumably the priests of of this strange afflicted race, turned 90-degrees widershins whenever they cast a healing spell. Many Blood elves fell before her spells, perhaps three-score in total before the task was done, but others fought back viciously, packs of three or four elves gliding eerily in pursuit as Andromache fled for her life.

First post test

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This is a test post.


Blayse, Mhyrel, Ashilandra, Windwhisper and Jimlad braved the deadmines last night. We swept through the caves, unstoppable. Jimlad, our hardened and experienced rogue, was out front, scouting and pulling, while Ash and Myrel kept watch for patrols. Jimlad would cripple the enemies we came across, then Mhyrel, our hunter, would empty a few rounds from her gun and charge in for the kill. Ash, at one with nature, would cover us with protective thorns, and call forth searing light while Blayse sent arcing missiles of magical energy into the frey. Windwhisper, the enigmatic Shaddow Priest, was there fighting, but also blessing us with healing. We were a great team.

The upper levels posed no problems as the Defias didn't work together - we managed to pick them off one by one. Even a patrol of mages were dealt with swiftly. We met some resistance from goblins deeper into the cave, but, with teamwork, these were defeated. Even the goblin's mighty machines were no match for our firepower. Swiftly we drew near to our target. Blayse, an engineer as well as a mage, set off the giant cannon we found, blasting through the iron doors separating us from Van Cleef. We swept into the underground bay and dispatched the waiting pirates there.

But then something happened. Reality shuddered and we were thrown to the ground and disorientated. Some of us were teleported to our homes against our will, others lost control of themselves and were butchered while they tried to reconnect with their bodies. Sadly the expedition had been stopped in its tracks by a freak force of nature.

But we will return, one day, to claim the head of that scoundrel Van Cleef!

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