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After we downed Flame Leviathan last night:


Audience participation

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I'll let my fellow guildies explain this one:


Opera was a new one for us. Known as audience participation. The crowd obviously felt so angered by us hurting a little old lady they ran onto the stage.


Bizarre moment of hilarity award goes to our first stab at Opera (and only wipe of the night): At about 60% on Wolf, a procession of audience members trained through the entrance door and started having a go at Valkarn. He must've been overacting or something. The vaunted Ravens adaptability mostly fell apart in a hail of "WTF!!!" and Vent was mostly filled with giggling for many minutes. We were nice though and forgot to go back and murderise our critics, despite fell mutterings.

WoWScrnShot_041508_221732 audience participation.jpg

It's a Ravens Life...

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Switching on the Ravens Lights

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Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!


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PvP for Dummies

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Arms Scandal Breaks!

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Major political discussions are taking place in Ironforge and Ogrimar today after it transpired thgere have been financial irregularities with the so-called “war effort” to supply the joint horde-alliance task force in Silithus. As out intrepid field reported can testify, the riflemen of the Tauren defense Corps (pictured) and also the elven rifle contingent have been forced to “pretend” they are armed and ready to meet the insect horde. This revelation has triggered significant protests against both the Dwarven king and Thrall of the orcs. Both refused to comment about the financial irregularities, though representatives of both courts mentioned receiving financial advice from a short red-robed gnome mage. Whispering the address provided for this advisor received an auto-reply stating “Strobmoli is on holiday. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you if there are no other suck-, I mean clients to deal woth.”

Once Upon a time, not so very long ago, there were five brave Ravens who went to see the nasty dead baron.

They sneaked, sneaked, sneaked in the back door and started happily killing the nasty undead gribblies that live in the ruined town of Stratholme. Sadly, children, none of them had brought their Medallions of the 70s, or whatever thy're called, so we couldn't recruit the nice chap with the hammer to help us with the baron.

These five brave heroes took down four mini-bosses with nary a bead of sweat on their brows. Well, maybe a little sweat on Eldenar's, but that plate / hessian pants combination must be both hot and, well, prone to chafing...


After finishing the Molten Core attuning quest in Blackrock Depths last night, Leaf and Andro found themselves unexpectedly in Molten Core.


Leaf made it out alive. Andro, well, didn't…

(Click on the pic to see a larger version)

Jadur, he likes to watch

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