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So, How Far Apart Are We?

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Violet Hold - trailing edge
Well, given that Andro's post on defeating Violet Hold was back in December, that means that the trailing edge of the guild are about three months behind the leading edge...

Mailing List Down

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Folks, the mailing list is down for the moment. I have a support ticket raised and will let you know as and when it's working again.

In the meantime, the forums are still there...

Updates, Updates

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Our chosen in-game calendar mod, GroupCalendar, has been updated to version 3.1. Please updated ASAP, because it adds the exciting Outland Instances!

Ravens Nest - a Ravens Forum

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The new Shattered Ravens forum is live.



A test of the new domain.

Ravens at 60

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I did a little check of what classes we have at 60 last night, and this was the result:

Graph of Level 60 Ravens

We have one of every class, bar warlocks. (Poppity is not currently in the guild).

Hunters lead the way on 3, followed by rogues and mages on 2. Ironically, the two characters most likely to ding 60 next are Balthor and Myhrel, both hunters...

Anyway, some food for thought when choosing what to level up.

Guild "charter"


From Scowlin:

Greetings from your grumpy leader:

I was checking through all of the documentation that Elunae left for him
(damn that pointy eared girl liked to write) and have pulled out some
general practices that have been agreed upon and followed by the guild for
some time now. Some of the notes are hard to read (crayon is not the best
media for this type of illumination) but I thought I would extract some of
them and re-write them for the latest generation of recruits.

Dungeon loot policy: Group loot - Rare.

This mainly only counts for dungeons, where you are more likely to find
rare or better items, although please all feel free to use it when you
group up together in the outside world, although for smaller group (and the
faster non-elite kills you will be doing) I suggest you could always swap
down to;

Small grouping loot policy: Free for all - Uncommon

As with all looting within the guild, if you can't use a good item that
drops, please try and think of a main character that might like it before
passing onto alts. With our experience disparity some great stuff is
dropping that we all have a tendency to pass onto our alts of the AH, where
possible lets cut out the middle man and keep it within the guild. (I have
noticed that this seems to be common practice already).

Recruitment: Friends and Family.

At this stage it is agreed we will not be recruiting outside friends and
family. This is not to say that we shouldn't consider recruiting but
instead that we are not actively going to seek any additional guild members
(yet). On invites into the guild, try to get another officer to invite,
other than the officer introducing. This keeps the whole process crystal
clear. I am thinking of setting up additional ranking systems, suggestions
for these might be good, I would like to be able to differentiate between
main guild members and the "younger family members" as well as recruits
that we find from outside our social circle eventually.

Quartermasters and Treasurer

At the moment I suggest we retain these traditional roles, as later in life
there may become a time that they are required. At this stage we are all so
busy in our lives that not much time is dedicated to supporting these
important roles. However donations are still greatly appreciated.

Help day

I think that an evening should be made available to help people out on
tricky tasks, here officers of the guild can assist the members with the
slaying of foul beasts and the such, I am going to suggest Tuesday night at
this stage, and will make myself available for healing duty where possible.

Potential ranks.

Trader                  Auction house trader
Initiate                 Non-family new invite
Member               Friends or family member
Quarter Master          Guild stores holder
Treasurer                  Guild monies holder
Officer                      Main guild member
Guild leader            There can be only one!  (anyone else?)


Bloodshard Charter

Test post

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A quick test of the new blog.

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