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The Varian Oath

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Following the battle in Stormwind Harbour, Andromache and Leafshine pledge themselves to King Varian Wyrnn and the expedition to Northrend.

 Continuing in the Raven's trend of getting snazzy mounts, congratulations to Gradjo on winning the Horseman's mount in Scarlet Monestary last night!



One of the really cool things about this mount is that it adapts to current riding skill and environment - so if you have elite riding skill and are in outland, its an epic flyer. If you only have the basic skill and are in Azeroth, its a level 30 pony!


Not jealous, no sirree :)


Death and the Maiden

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After a rather bloody evening (Andro felt somewhat victimized, logging 15 deaths in the five-hour session) the Ravens downed the Maiden of Virtue on their third attempt of the night (after a protracted and bloody campaign against Attumen and a fairly straightforward run against Moroes). Of course, there was no caster loot ...



I believe I can fly...

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Elunae got flight form last night - it's such a blast, and there is a lot you can do with it...



And then I learned some tricks. First - find a high spot over a lake...


then take flight:


...shift out of flight form...


... and SPLASH!


Glug glug...

You also get to see the world in a whole new way...




Picture Updates

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Vs Teremus the Devourer, Blasted lands


Teremus2 Teremus3  Drakki 

General Drakkisath, Upper Blackrock Spire

A Barov family gathering (in service to the Ravens)

PeasantsBaron"Si Baroni" killing the lord of Stratholme

Ravens in Scholomance

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Chris grabbed some footage of a Scholomance run this week:

Scholomance Movie:

December's fight club and pubmeet

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December's fight club and pubmeet photos finally up here

Pub Meet

Adam & Martyn

Pictures of the get-together at the OTW on December 22 can be found here

[No more]

Fight Club pics

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Pics from Toby & Christine's party last week can be seen in an album on the left.

[Left behind on the move from another blog host. Available here.]

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