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Detailed Guide to a DM Tribute Run

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I found this guide and thought I would share it, as there is SO much nice loot for all in there!


(Found at


The unofficial guide to a tribute run… by unofficial I mean that there are a lot of ways to do it but this is how I
have most of my success. I’m not even going to discuss who you should have in your group as most people
will jump on me and say my group composition is all wrong even though I have run DM Tribute about 20
times successfully. Group composition does not matter when you have 5 people who know what their
responsibilities are. I should also mention that this guide is heavily slanted to the Alliance side (sorry Horde
guys) as I am a pally and have no comparable Horde alt.

A group of intrepid Ravens - Aberas, Leafshine and Strobmoli (and later Andromache) went undead-hunting in the Burning Steppes, looking to beat back the Scourge incursions. They had considerable success against the undead, but with the arrival of Andromache decided to change tack to exploit their dual-mage capability. With Aberas and Leaf healing, Strob would run into the midst of the invaders, looping round the crystal, running back to the party surrounded by around a dozen angry ghosts and zombies, who were met with a flurry of AOE and combat spells. With the spellcasters managing 25-50,000 points of damage (each) in the short but bloody battles, the undead stood little chance and the main issue arising was the difficuty of looting when two-dozen corpses lay atop each other. Eventually, the Scourge sent engineers to repair the crystal and the merry band decided to pick some of them off. They very nearly succeeded but were foiled by a mass of adds (from people being feared into them). Moral of the story: stick to five-man groups for the engineers and big nasties! (Nett proceeds of the counterattack were a fair amount of silver, some letters for delivery to Light's Hope Chapel and 1000+ Argent Dawn rep). Screenshot_062406_002213 Image: Strob charges back with his new “friends”

Mage Combat

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Yahda yahda yahda.. Mages hit too hard, Warlocks hit harder, Rogues hit the mostest, but none of you should because... Instead you should all eat oatmeal and wear sandles like Priests and Druids (who are nicest) and stand back and watch the Pallies and Warriors showing off in their armour.

I won't say anything about hunters, no matter how I am provoked.

Ok, I will, I find hunters relationships with their pets creepy, although not as creepy as 'lock pets. And this playing dead business and then getting up to brandish tattered bits of eletrical equipment that never work is quite tedious too.

You will have guessed, I have no intention of towing the party line in this email. I have decided, in the style of monomaniacs throughout history, that someone must speak out for dps'rs and that someone is me.

The summary is; you guys are dreaming if you think that the easy life for meatshield and medical accountant manifestos that have done the rounds in the last few days are going to wash in the end game content. Life, my slow witted plate wearing and quick witted but timid palid skinned god bothering friends, is far harder than that.

First though, a reminder.

In this game one size does not fit all.

Stacked Buffs

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How to stack food and Chilli Buffs...

After more testing (Using Goblin Devilled clams and Dragon Chilli breath) if i eat the food first, and then the chilli, they stack. It seems the reason is that Dragonbreath Chilli is a POISON - even though its a buff not debuff :) If you eat the chilli first, then the food, they dont stack. Have to eat them in order. Screeny attached with both buffs on (Cheese is the food buff, the other one that looks like ignite is the chilli).

Stacked_food Stacked_food_2

The Nerfing of The Sheep

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Last night some Ravens ran the horrors of Blackrock Depths (I think that's what it's called, BRD anyway). The party was Edina (hunter), Eldanar (Paladin), Andromanche (Mage) and Strobmoli (Mage). As you can see we were shy of a healer and only a four person group, but on the other hand we were pretty "gunned up" for this instance. The main objective of the run was to test Eldanar's new tanking Paladin build, but an important secondary concern was to try and make a bit of dosh as the last Dire Maul run left everyone with quite substantial repair bills, and leveling 60 is an expensive business.

We were successful, I came out over 20G up on the night and we picked up three usable blues on the way as well (one for Eld, me and Andro). We got wiped once.

Now, there had been some debate on guild chat earlier about the sheeping nerf in 1.9, and Blayse had said he had seen it and understood why it was now being called "suicide" rather than "polymorph." At the time I said that I couldn't see a difference, but lo, right at the moment that we really needed it not to happen it became clear what Blizzard have done and what the consequences are.

Basically, I think they've fixed a bug in the way that sheep move. In the past they kind of jerked about on the spot in a silly fashion. Now, they amble about in a quite lifelike way, which is nice, especially in PVP where being sheeped will be less disorientating for the sheeped (of course, now that everyone has those "break polymorph" trinkets this isn't much of a worry anymore). Unfortunately though, for people who play PVE at any rate, sheeped mobs now wander large distances, especially when in corridors. What this means is that if they unsheep it's quite likely they'll be amongst friends. Anticipate the following scene:

Evil Thug 1: "look a sheep!"
Evil Thug 2
: "Ha ha, what's that doing here?"

Evil Thug 3: "dunno.. oh!"
(Munster appears - he was the sheep all along!)
Munster : "Hello chaps"
<all chorus> "Hello Munster"
Munster : "That Mage fellow, Strobmoli, is down there, and he's invited all of us to a party!"
<all chorus> "Let's go!"
(all draw weapons, bang them together like the three musketeers and gather themselves before charging off)
(Off stage : the sound of cloth shod feet making like a thing that's running as hard as it can on short little legs)
What are the consequences of this:
  1. Mages are going to be harder to level. In the past one could reliably handle three mobs at once using a poly, blink and frost nova to keep them at bay until only one was left. Now, a lapse while soloing may result in a crowd scene in which the mage is both a star, and a prop.
  2. Mages are going to be less useful on runs. In quite a lot of places I can think of (especially the courtyards in Stratholme) poly once ruled as a crowd control option, but now will be a positive liability.
  3. Group play with mages will be less mechanical. The familiar pattern of "sheep left, wait, tank gets agro, cone of cold, frost nova, blizzard, cone of cold" will give way to much more encounter specific tactics because each group with elites will have to be considered in context and thoughtfully - or disaster will ensue.
  4. Mages are now very definitely all about damage at a distance. This means that survivability and damage become more important than ever.
Well, that's what I think, but some collegiate discussion would be helpful.
I also tried the "Ice Block" tactic quite a few times last night, sadly it doesn't break agro, so please remember to come and get little mages that are frozen into large icebergs before the mobs do!

Farming Druid Set Boots

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I read about this on the druid forums. Mother Smolderweb is an Elite Named Boss in Lower Blackrock Spires, who drops the druid set item "Wildheart Boots". Because she is a beast, it is possible for a druid to hibernate her. This means that she is actually soloable with a little skill at level 60 (I wouldn't recommend trying it before then, although people have posted they have done it as low as level 57, but the resist rate of the mob will be much higher).

The basic strategy is to sneak your way to her, and then stand in a corener and open with Starfire, then immediately hibernate her, run to the other side of a narrow space, and repeat. Of course, you will be resisted, and might mistime a spell, so you need to heal up a bit too. Although you can spam hibernate her for very little mana, and hibernate, at lvl 60, lasts about 45 sec, so you get plenty time to take a 'regen break' to allow some of your mana to tick back up.

Here are some pictures (taken from 2 fights, because in the first fight I only remembered to take a piccy just before she died and as she died).

Farming Druid Boots

Still Farming Druid Boots
Yet More Boot Farming

Making Money - Level 25-40 - Bridal's Way

I started at level 36 with 4g and made 100g in 2-3 weeks just as I hit level 40.

My advice:

Uldaman Boss Fight

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Simon / Scowlin's account of the boss fight in Uldaman, should anyone need it:

Hunter and Mage Talent Guides

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Here's a couple of handy guides to help sort the wheat from the chaff when spending those valuable talent points...



Happy reading...

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