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Ravens Raiding: 2 More Down

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First up, we cleared Obsidian Sanctum on our second attempt:

Sartharion Down
And then we dropped the first two bosses in the spider wing of Naxxramas before heading to the Vault of Archavon and this:

Vault of Archavon
Yes, we one-shotted Archavon the Stone Watcher on our first attempt.

All-in-all, four bosses down for the evening, two of them brand new to the guild. A good range of loot right across the raid I believe, with most people getting something. An encouraging night.

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One thing puzzles me ...

Why is it that the only name visible in the Sartharion trophy-shot is Almaron's?

Enquiring minds and all that.

I imagine it was because I had Almaron selected when I turned the interface off, meaning that her name was showing when nobody else's was.

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