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The Fall of Zul'Jin

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Zul'Jin down
Last night a small, if ever-so-slightly over powered, Ravens headed into Zul'aman to finally deal with the menace of the Amani trolls. The first three bosses fell quickly and easily, and their hostages were rescued. The fourth boss was harder to find, and sadly sacrificed his hostage during the fight. 

The original group of Fluffynump, Gradjo, Rivelinho, Aberas, Leafshine, Myhrel and Andromache was joined by Esatobeen and Blyase for the assault on HexLord Malacross and Zul'jin himself. Malacros and his hencemen went down easily, and Zul'jin fared little better, despite Leaf and Blayse getting stuck behind the wall of fire. 

Mhyrel got some pretties, and Andro got a lot of shards...

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