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The fallen CyanigosaLike all public spirited people, the Ravens felt compelled to do their civic duty now many are resident in Dalaran, providing relieve for the the guards in the maximum security prison that is the Violet Hold. Of course, we faced a number of challenges from the troublesome blue dragonflight but prevailed (and in fact going on to do "overtime" and beating back three more waves of attacks, with only one slight misshap). Looking at the rewards gained, I'm sure there'll be many more volunteers for guard duty in this place too (and its such a long way from the civic amenities ...)

It be Drak'Tharon Keep Mon

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Prophet Tharon'jaDelayed from last week, the Ravens ventured into Drak'Tharon Keep yester-eve and had a whale of a time. Somewhat more linear than Ahn'Kahet, we were able to push through it in good time and complete a couple of quests (including a 'chapter end' for a long storyline quest chain) and got a decent amount of cash and loot (Prophet profit?). In fact, after doing a group quest chain in Zul'Drak, we ran the instance again, 4-manning the second half of the run as Riv was having PC issues.

Loot was superb - with drops and quest rewards, Andro ended up replacing 5 outland epics with blues (neck, legs, chest, ring, wrists) and upgraded the blue hat she picked up in UK. Most others got nice stuff too: Gradjo got some tanking trousers, Valks had a hat and shield, and Psia had a not-so-pretty hat too.

Five go mad in Ahn'kahet

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Herald VolazjA somewhat belated post, but on Thursday 27th November a gang of Ravens ventured into the second Azjol Nerub instance, Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. As ever, we went in cold ... and as a result found AK somewhat more challenging than the previous instances. Nonetheless, we persevered and (after lots of accidental pulls and a while learning one of the boss fights) eventually fought our way through to Herald Volazj who was, it has to be said, a fun fight! The run ended up being considerably longer than anticipated, and so the planned second run (to Drak'Tharon Keep) was put on hold for a week).

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