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Zombie apocalypse

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And so the zombie scourge continues to work its way across Azeroth. We heard news of the return of the Scourge necropoli while adventuring in Sethek Halls and upon returning to Stormwind found representatives of the Argent Dawn calling for action against a scourge agent, Tendris Mirkblood, in Karazhan. 

Ironforge Necropolis_Small.jpg

Quickly assembling a small strike team, we quickly dealt with Attumen and then crept up on the new foe ... who promptly gave us a kicking. Regrouping, we struck again at Mirkblood and this time prevailed (at the cost of several Ravens' lives) netting not only valuable intelligence for the Argent Dawn but also his axe and his collection of bats ...

Tendris Mirkblood_Small.jpg

Delivering the intelligence to the Argent Dawn at Light's Forge Chapel, the full scale of the Scourge invasion started to become clear; much of it followed the same pattern as that which heralded the arrival of Naxxramas, with hotspots of Scourge activity contested by the alliance and horde. However, on several occasions, warfare broke out between the two factions, giving the scourge chance to escape and regroup.

Against the Scourge_Small.jpg

Defeating these foes netted Necrotic runes that could be spent buying consumables and armor designed to aid the battles against the undead horde. 

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Cool! Does this mean I'll finally be able to use the Necrotic Runes I've been hoarding since the last Scourge inavasion?

Indeed you can. I had 100 saved and spent the lot on armor and trinkets.

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