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Zombie apocalypse

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And so the zombie scourge continues to work its way across Azeroth. We heard news of the return of the Scourge necropoli while adventuring in Sethek Halls and upon returning to Stormwind found representatives of the Argent Dawn calling for action against a scourge agent, Tendris Mirkblood, in Karazhan. 

Ironforge Necropolis_Small.jpg

Quickly assembling a small strike team, we quickly dealt with Attumen and then crept up on the new foe ... who promptly gave us a kicking. Regrouping, we struck again at Mirkblood and this time prevailed (at the cost of several Ravens' lives) netting not only valuable intelligence for the Argent Dawn but also his axe and his collection of bats ...

Tendris Mirkblood_Small.jpg

Delivering the intelligence to the Argent Dawn at Light's Forge Chapel, the full scale of the Scourge invasion started to become clear; much of it followed the same pattern as that which heralded the arrival of Naxxramas, with hotspots of Scourge activity contested by the alliance and horde. However, on several occasions, warfare broke out between the two factions, giving the scourge chance to escape and regroup.

Against the Scourge_Small.jpg

Defeating these foes netted Necrotic runes that could be spent buying consumables and armor designed to aid the battles against the undead horde. 

The Jenkins Family Album

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Jenkins Family Album
Papa Leeroy would be so proud...

Zul Aman fun

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For the Ravens' second raid post 3.02 ten of the host descended on Zul Aman, completing the timed event on the bear boss (Nalorakk) and narrowly failing to do so on the eagle boss (Akil'zon) due to an unfortunate disconnect. We promply moved onto the dragonhawk boss (Jan'alai) - who we felled on the first attempt - and then onto the Lynx boss (Halazzi). We'd never fought the Lynx before, so it was a learning experience but eventually we prevailed. Hex Lord Malacrass was in sight, but time was getting late and we called it a night before taking on him and Zul'jin. However, next weeks run stands a good chance of bagging those too!



The fallen dragonhawk


Lynx_Down.jpg      The (dead) lynx effect 

3.0.2 and your Tankadin - Solo headless horseman

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Okay, so I wanted my next solo kill to be a tough one. I also wanted the headless horseman mount.






Okay, he doesn't hit all that hard (700-800, with 1.2k cleave), but I knew it was going to be a long fight, a war of attrition where the odds were in his favour.


He has 65k hps on each stage, and the head only has 24k hps. He will always take at least 3 attempts, because the head disappears the first two times fast. However after that the head starts to hand around longer, however not quite long enough. Stage 1 I got the head to 80%, stage 2; 60%


By the third stage the horseman starts summoning pumpkin bodyguards, these add to the damage I am taking a bit and I have to keep them in front of me whilst still chasing the head, but the good news they greatly increase my mana regeneration. Stage 3 I got the head to 45%, and stage 4 it dropped to 30%.




Now it's dropped into Hammer of wrath territory, so I pour on the damage whilst the nasty pumpkins try and kill me, stage 5 for the win!


20 minutes all in all, not to shabby. I loot the body expecting the same old rubbish, and instead I get a surprise!






 Continuing in the Raven's trend of getting snazzy mounts, congratulations to Gradjo on winning the Horseman's mount in Scarlet Monestary last night!



One of the really cool things about this mount is that it adapts to current riding skill and environment - so if you have elite riding skill and are in outland, its an epic flyer. If you only have the basic skill and are in Azeroth, its a level 30 pony!


Not jealous, no sirree :)


3.0.2 and your Tankadin a review

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The patch is out, and we have played with the new talents, but what conclusions have we come to? Well here are mine about Glaive;




  • All tankadins have been gifted with a few new tricks, threat generation has improved, gear choices been made clearer, and dps ramped up considerably.
  • Previously I wouldn't have bothered with PvP, naturally I could run into AV and help achieve the objectives, or defend something, but it was a slow process and not that much fun. Now I still have the survivability, yet I have also been granted with a big stick to whack - sorry smite my enemies with. AV now lasts about as long as it takes to cap all the towers and slap Drek down... seven minutes?
  • Heaven forgive anyone foolish enough to jump in my way on the run to those towers, I have numerous bubbles to pick, wings to sprout and a 20 minute cool down on my LoH, I will use them, and run you down (10 second snare on the ranged insta cast shield of the avenger has never been as much fun as it is now) and try to stomp on you until you are dead.
  • PvP now also holds a main hand reward that a tankadin will want, it gives more casual players a definite chance of bringing their tankadin up to gear.
  • Threat generation is up, and it has gone through the roof with undead and demon mobs, I have a feeling that WotLK will be a fun expansion, I have definitely moved Holy Wrath to a hot button, previously it was on the spell book.
  • However when I compare myself against a warrior, I just don't compete on single targets, our nice warrior (Gradjo) easily pulled agro from me in a Curator fight, and I couldn't get it back. (the threat meters were close). This however is as it should be.
  • Soloing is a breeze now, a combination of dps increase and mana regeneration skills mean you can take individual tough mobs, as well as huge packs. Early burning crusade instances are soloable, at a comfortable pace without needing to self heal very often. Even that dragon only needed two holy lights to get past.

So, the tankadin is all good, it solo's much better, it tanks better and it deals a bucket load of damage, AoE damage is up, and mana regeneration is no longer and issue.


With this in mind; how tough is the expansion going to be?


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3.0.2 and your Tankadin again

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Okay, stage two, Durn the Hungerer.

Durn and glaive.jpgHe hits about the same, has a knock back the interupt, and more hps (126k) but was a little easier overall than a felreaver.

Durndead and glaive.jpg

No bubbles or potions, and a few random adds from wandering mobs.


3.0.2 and your Tankadin

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Well, new talents mean new challenges, big mean looking ones are ideal:

Fel reaver fight.jpg

The fight went remarkably well, some nice shaman come over and tried to help, and I almost died whilst I was warning them off, but otherwise it was a smooth run, bubble bandage and a mana potion ftw. Seems like it took a little under nine minutes.. which is quite slow I fear.

Fel reaver down.jpg

So, what to solo next?

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