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Blayse on a Brewfest Kodo!

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A fine bunch of Ravens went into BRD this evening to tell Coren Direbrew his beer isn't fit for pigs...

He didn't take it too well, but after we kicked his barrel a couple of times, he honoured Blayse with the Great Brewfest Kodo :)

Blayse on a Brewfest Kodo!.jpg

(The number of young ladies approaching Blayse to say 'My, that's a big one' has increased dramatically)

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I'm really quite jealous.

Of the Kodo, obviously, not the remarks from the ladies...

Very cool Blayse. Confratulations!

Congratulations Blaysey!

Very impressive old lizard you have there!

Superb! Do you use your staff as a periscope?

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