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Netherspite Down

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Netherspite Down

Grabbed shamelessly from Martyn's blog, I happily announce that the Shattered Ravens have finally dropped Netherspite for a full Karazhan clear. Next stop: Zul'Aman.
Keal'Thas Down
We just pulled off our first all-Ravens Kael'thas kill. The reanimated Belf met his final end thanks to Monarch, Andromache, Skill, Shanda and Leafshine. That's four more toons attuned for Heroic MrT!

Loot that I remember: Shanda picked up some Sunrage Treads and a Band of Celerity 
as well as a Cloak of the Coming Night from an earlier boss. And I picked up the Leggings of the Betrayed for my kitty-cat set.

Good windmilling, those Ravens. 

Audience participation

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I'll let my fellow guildies explain this one:


Opera was a new one for us. Known as audience participation. The crowd obviously felt so angered by us hurting a little old lady they ran onto the stage.


Bizarre moment of hilarity award goes to our first stab at Opera (and only wipe of the night): At about 60% on Wolf, a procession of audience members trained through the entrance door and started having a go at Valkarn. He must've been overacting or something. The vaunted Ravens adaptability mostly fell apart in a hail of "WTF!!!" and Vent was mostly filled with giggling for many minutes. We were nice though and forgot to go back and murderise our critics, despite fell mutterings.

WoWScrnShot_041508_221732 audience participation.jpg

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