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The Prince is Dead

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Yeah, yeah, old news. But I grabbed the Prince death screenie from Andro's blog just for completeness' sake.

The Prince Kill

Pretty Fly (for a Draenei)

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The Sunwell Trailer

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This is really cool:

The most narrative trailer I've seen them do, including the Black Temple one

The Late Mr Illhoof

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The Late Mr Illhoof
Terestian Illhoof finally fell before the Ravens last night, with only a token gnome sacrifice to slow us down (poor, poor Kezzle). Admittedly we did wipe once beforehand. Loots were:

Cord of Nature's Sustenance
Mender's Heart Ring

Both went to Leafy.

We also dropped Nightbane on our second attempt, losing Leafy and Psia as we went. Loots:

Panzar'That Breastplate (Gradjo)
Dragonheart Flameshield (Monarch)

Sadly, we wiped half a dozen time on the Prince before calling. But still, there's only one boss in Kara we haven't dropped now, so the full clear can't be far away...

Lucy's New Tanking Gear

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From Kara last night...

Lucy Tanks

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