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Mighty Bear Killers

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Dead Nalorakk
Another version of the victory shot...

Beating on bears

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So,the Raven's second visit to Zul Aman.
  Bigbeardown.jpgWe pretty much trounced the mobs between the entrance and the first boss, Nalorakk, the "no-deaths despite accidental multi-pulls" a stark contrast to last time. The Bear himself went down first time too (thoug hat the cost of our first death of the night, Gradjo, that was really only a half-death as leafy combat-rezzed him). The result was a Badge of Justice and the Fury of the Ursine ( a set of clothy DPS bracers that Andro, Kez and Sprock all rolled on and, being the exception to the rule that 'Locks ninja all the clothy loot, Andro won!
Some frog-bashing (or was it frog kissing?) followed, netting some loot and money and the we headed to the second boss, Akil'zon .. where we promptly paid for our overconfidence by being butchered by trash mobs. The second attempt at getting to him was much more successful, but in a repeat of the previous encounter wirh Nalorakk (or the now-infamous Kargath) we proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes bouncing of the eagle boss. It seemed we were on the cusp of being able to do him - after a few early wipes we consistently beat him down to within an inch of his life (under 5% 4 times I think, 2 of which were under 2%) but again, couldn't quite nail him. I'm fairly sure we can with a little more practice (the March 6 run he's going down!) but I think a combination of factors (including muppetry - I very nearly did something "very bad" but thinkfully got yelled at in time to prevent a wipe) got in the way.

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