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Down in flames

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As an addition to Strob's writeup (and in anticipation of the video) here's a quick snapshot of the end of the epic encounter with Nightbane.

Nightbane Down

Nightbane is down

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On the 29th January The Shattered Ravens went to Karazhan and (for the second time) summoned Nightbane.

There were 5 wipes before, finally, we got him.

Particular heroism was displayed by :
* Gradjo, who tanked him from 100% -> 4%
* Monarch, who dps'd from 100% -> 15%, main healed from 15% -> 1% and then tanked the swine from 1% to his COLD GRAVE
* Valkarn and Cymoril for super healing
* The hunter trio (Balthor, Psia and Lymara) for mad DPS, mad traps and great survival
* Andromanche for judicious AOE
* Rivelinho for putting the boot in at the end

There is a name that is omitted from this list...

* Strobmoli - panic and ignoble dieing

Still, never mind.

To be honest we lost one party member at 50% which means that we have the goods to do him easily. The key learning for me is that I am not going to open up on any skelly until they are entirely killable by me alone and I can't survive even one wack from one and we seemed fine with them running round.

The loot was : The Shield of Inpenetrable Darkness and The Stonebough Jerkin

The shield went to Gradjo and will assist in his key agenda of "not taking a dirt nap" we had no Druid, so the Jerkin was sharded.

Later in the run I got the Ring of Recurrence on a greed roll, but you probably don't want to know that!


Illhoof: Wipe One

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Mailing List Down

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Folks, the mailing list is down for the moment. I have a support ticket raised and will let you know as and when it's working again.

In the meantime, the forums are still there...

Ravens Primal Week

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Here's the deal. From Saturday 5th Jan, through to Friday 11th Jan we're running a competition to collect primals. You go out and acquire primals, and then post them to Alyce. Not all primals are created equal however, and so each primal you send has a value, which gives you points. At the end of the week, points make prizes. The points values are:

Air - 10 points.
Fire - 10 points.
Mana - 7 points.
Water - 5 points.
Shadow - 5 points.
Life - 2 points.
Earth - 2 points.

So, if you send 4 air, 2 fire and 10 earth, you get 40, 20 and 20 points respectively. Giving you a grand total of 80 points. At the end of the week prizes will be allocated as follows:

1st prize: 200g
2nd prize: 100g
3rd prize: 50g

So go, collect primals, get the guild's stocks back up and maybe win some cash! Remember, don't put them direct into the guild bank, send them to Alyce, else they won't count.

Good luck!

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