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Separated at birth ...

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Peebles (left), Sinister squashling (right).

Hallow's End

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Once again, Hallow's End is upon us. In addition to the sundry costumes and sweets of past years, this years sees the arrival of a new threat - the Headless Horseman - in two distinct events. The first, intended for all levels, takes place in towns such as Goldshire, Kharanos and Azure Watch. The second, in the graveyard of the Scarlet Monestary, is for high-level parties, complete with appropriate rewards - rings, helmets and (for a little while) broomsticks. Oh, and encounter videos (god bless the Mac client ...)

AQ20: Buru the Gorger

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Had a little technical problem that prevented this being posted before, which is now solved. Enjoy.

(the fight was about 11 minutes so things have been speeded up a little ... by a factor of about x5)

You are invited to a night of culture at Karazhan's famous opera house, for a performance by the Shattered Ravens.

There will be an intermission:

Beware! The Headless Horseman

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The Curator: Kill 2

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A NotEvilâ„¢ Moment

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This is very simply explained:


Cleary, Peebles, Sprockette and Kezzle just happened by this malefic altar, not long after Leafshine and Rivelinho had decided to take a short nap on the altar after a hard day's grind. There's clearly no demonic sacrifice at work here at all.

Because people with pink bunches are NotEvilâ„¢.

The Chess Event: Full Version

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Heroes of Stormwind

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After a long delay in rescuing an imprisoned Marshal from Blackrock Depths, a band of Ravens finally deal with the threat at the heart of Stormwind (unfortunately you can't see the dialogue, but the action speaks for itself in many regards).

Shall we play a game?

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Last night, having defeated the Curator for the second time, members of the Shattered Ravens pushed onward through Karazhan as far as the "chess event" where the following snapshots were captured:



Psia's guide to talking to people

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The new in-game voice comms system is pretty straightforward, once you get the hang of it... but it can take a little messing about to get set up. I figure that it might be a good thing if I put together a little basic walkthrough to show you how to do it, for the benefit of anyone who is struggling.

First of all, you need to enable the voice comms in your sound settings. Press esc to bring up the "Options" menu, and then click the "Sound & Voice" button. Select the "Chat" tab, and you should see the options shown below.

Click "Enable Voice Chat", and chooose push to talk or voice activation. Thus far it seems that most people need to ramp up their microphone volume to around the 200% mark, but ymmv. You can also adjust the volume of the WoW sounds when someone is talking with the "Game Audio Fade" settings. Below the options box you can see a little lozenge shaped box like this:
This is the indicator that shows who is talking when in a party or raid (it doesn't seem to work for a seperate channel like ravenschat). It is entirely draggable, so you can put it wherever you like.

The last thing on this options set is actually on the "Sound" tab. If you enable "Sound in Background" on this tab, then it will allow you to continue to talk and listen on the voice chat whilst Alt-tabbed out of WoW. If you do not, then when WoW is minimised you will be unable to use the voice chat.

Anyway, now that your settings are done. You can use voice chat. However there is still another step. You may have noticed a "Voice Chat" button on your minimap (it looks like a little speaker). If you press this you will get the options box below:
You can only ever be in one channel at a time. So if you are in say, ravenschat, then you will not be able to hear your party members. And vice versa. You can enable voice chat for your party, raid or BG using the tick boxes at the top of the options box. To enable chat for other channels, such as ravenschat, you click on the little speaker icon next to the channel in this option. It will go gold, and you can then chat. As shown in the screenie, you can see all members of a channel displayed on the right hand side of the window, and there is a speaker icon next to the names.
Where this is highlighted in gold, as in the screenshot above, the character has voice chat enabled for that channel. You achieve this by clicking on the icon. In this case, Psia is chat enabled for ravenschat, and Toojags is not, although Toojags is in the channel.

So, that's it. We have created the channel ravenschat for you all to test your chat, and natter away to your hearts delight. I hope that this little tutorial helped.

Brewfest Leafy

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Ravens Versus Vim'Gol

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From our quest-clearing run into Blades Edge last night:

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