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Karazan: The Video

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A bit of playing around with the Mac WOW client's videorecording facility, carried out during a recent raid into Karazhan.



The Opera

The Maiden

Sing a Song of Karazhan

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So, Kara again last night. And my, what a night it was. After we'd given Horse-boy and the dinner party rogue a good kicking, we headed off to the opera to deliver a critical verdict on the actors there:


We took them down on their first performance.

So, finding ourselves at a loose end, with three bosses down, we went for a chat with the Maiden:


She found our arguments… persuasive.

3 Epics for Riv, 2 for me, 2 for Psia and two for other people whose names elude me right now…

Ni Hao (A Gold Farmer's Story)

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Death and the Maiden

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After a rather bloody evening (Andro felt somewhat victimized, logging 15 deaths in the five-hour session) the Ravens downed the Maiden of Virtue on their third attempt of the night (after a protracted and bloody campaign against Attumen and a fairly straightforward run against Moroes). Of course, there was no caster loot ...



Video from the Patch Test Servers


Testing the built-in movie recording in the Mac version of WoW from the next patch:

Monarch Tankage

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