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Just for Ash and Elunae

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To: Mistress Andromache, Ravens Personel

From: Officer Alarqa

Re: Arcatraz - Mission Accomplished

Last night 5 Ravens entered the Arcatraz wing of Tempest Keep in an attempt to discover the location of the Cipher of Damnation and disrupt the agenda of the Blood Elf Rebel, and self styled "King Kael’thas", using both the current rebellion and specially developed shock and awe tactics for rapid domination of the prison complex.

The group, comprised of dedicated specialists Alarqa, Hadren, Psia, Rivelinho, and Valkarn, entered the facility without difficulty at approximately 20.15. Observing the distraction of the initial Blood Elf security team by mutant forces, we quickly secured the entrance and surrounding perimeter.

Venturing deeper into the complex, we came across our first true opposition in the form of both a Deathwatcher and a Mutant Protean and it's brood. Unfortunately, we were overcome and had to return from Cosmowrench and re-assess our tactics.

With ranged specialist Psia tactically isolating targets, we soon progressed to the first major overlord of the complex.

With at least 10 + previous unsuccessful attempts (approximately 1-2 months ago) to remove this threat in a permanent fashion, we were extremely cautious in planning our strategy for this attempt, but determined to finally achieve success.

After a somewhat chaotic fight, we prevailed. We managed to retrieve an extremely rare Druidic Idol which this abomination had presumeably stolen from a prisoner in the past. Unfortunately, it was magically enchanted to bind to the person who looted it, so Hadren disenchanted it. (Unfortunate, but unavoidable)

Continuing into the complex we easily overcame all opposition, and made a fantastic discovery on the next level - an enchanted crystal containing copies of the final key fragment for Karazan! Hadren too the opportunity to take a quick rest and we drafted in warrior Lorcan for a brief fight against the fragment guardian. Psia, Lorcan and Rivelinho all managed to aquire a copy of the fragment, and will soon have the key and attunement neccessary for a Ravens mission to Karazhan.

Hadren rejoined the group, and we comntinued securing the outer rooms of the second level of the prison.

We managed to overcome two more overlords (with only one return to Cosmowrench to re-assess tactics for the first of these two overlords), however, as before, we had to disenchant the rare items they had in their possession due to them being of no value to any of the group.

Proceeding to the third level of the prison, we reached the point where all previous Ravens attempts to breach security had been foiled by two huge robotic sentinels. After 2 returns to Cosmowrench to re-assess tactics, we managed to overcome them, and quickly proceeded to the tactical command centre for the entire prison. After 2 attempts to take control of this centre, ranged specialist Psia was recalled to base command due to pressing family needs. In his place we drafted in magical damage specialist Raizen.

After one more unsuccessful attempt, we managed to destroy all opposition, and successfully overcame the extremely powerful Harbinger Skyriss. This time, the profit for our efforts was extremely good, with Hadren wining a dice roll against Valkarn for a Primal Nether, Alarqa losing a "joke roll" against Valkarn (but still recieving the item) for an extremely powerful plate Chestpiece, and Valkarn recieving the disenchanted shard from a Hallowed Crown, which Hadren did not need.

The successful completion of our mission into this ancient Naaru prison facility concluded at approximately 23.50.


(Psia unfortunately had to leave about 15 min before this)

Druid Time Out

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Leaf and Ash taking a break in the Underbog.


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