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We Didn't Start The Fire: Ravens in the Furnace

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Dear Mistress Andropants,

As part of our continuing efforts to aid the poor soldiers of 'Onor 'Old, I took a group of brave, noble, and above all, short Ravens into the depths of the Furnace. Tin Can Gradjo lead from the front, with Kezzle and Sprockette and their pets adding some fire support. And Blayse took photos.

First of all, we killed some orcs. And then some more orcs. And some demons. Which was all a bit boring, because all I've done since I came to Outland is kill orcs and demons. But then, we saw this:

And that was a bit scary. So, after we'd all looked at it and gone "ooooh", we killed some more Orcs and Demons.

Here's me going the wrong way:

And here's Kezzle sitting down on the job:

We found a nasty man who was making nasty orcs into nastier orcs. Or so the others tell me. We also found some machines. Blayse asked me to stand in one, while he pressed lots of buttons. He seemed very sad when nothing happened. I always thought Gnomes knew how to press an Orc's buttons, but I was obviously wrong.

We fought our way down a long corridor filled with these strange machines, before finally emerging into a chamber with a view of a nasty beastie floating beyond.

We spent quite a while here, fighting and dying, and fighting some more, until finally we were able to defeat all the nasty orc prisoners and the floating beastie:

And then on, it was easy. We killed orcs and demons (yawn) and finally all those nasty sorcerers making the evil star we saw earlier. Blayze slightly died, and Kezzle slightly died twice, but we won! And I got a nice top for when I go all catty!


See you soon!


PS We might have let some pit lord thingie free, but that's not a problem, is it? No!

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