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Druid nerfs (corrected)

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Ok... I was a monkey the first time and forgot to do talents. Here are the corrected pics and numbers:

Armor set, Live.

Armor set, Test.

Total loss: Health -874   Armor -1401  Mitigation loss -2.24%

I think this is fair. Still have to play with the damage to see, but if it is in line with this, then the nerf (along with warrior buff) probably actually fixes the issues. Obviously, the gap between current live and the patch grows with gear upgrades, but I am guessing if more threat is needed, Blizz will do something to ensure bears are still viable.


World of Mariocraft

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Dear Mistress Andropants,

As part of our continuing efforts to aid the poor soldiers of 'Onor 'Old, I took a group of brave, noble, and above all, short Ravens into the depths of the Furnace. Tin Can Gradjo lead from the front, with Kezzle and Sprockette and their pets adding some fire support. And Blayse took photos.

First of all, we killed some orcs. And then some more orcs. And some demons. Which was all a bit boring, because all I've done since I came to Outland is kill orcs and demons. But then, we saw this:

Bad Day for a Healer

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Auchindoun Mana Tombs: Report

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Elunae shuffled from foot to foot. The strange disturbances in the outlands, freezing time or slowing it immensely, had delayed her companions. From her hiding place, she watched the patrol marching it's beat back and forth, back and forth.

"I wonder..."  she thought to herself. With a low growl, she shifted into her dire bear form, and waited. At the last second, when the wandering patrol were furthest from their companions and out of range of immediate help, she burst out of the darknes and attacked.

Catching the guards by suprise, she gained a momentary advantage and smashed a blow into the first of the patrol, badly mangling one of his shoulders. However, the advantage of suprise was short-lived, and soon the team of guards rallied and began to slash at her. Now, the advantaged shifted, and inexorably the guards gained the advantage.

"Perhaps this WAS rather rash..." Elunae thought to herself. "Time for a retreat."

Blood pouring from her many wounds, Elunae activated the portaling device, and disappeared from view.

Hours later, Elunae regained consciousness to see the concerned face of the paladin Valkarn looking down at her. A warm golden glow surrounded his hands as he channeled the power of his god to heal her.

"You took your time" she grumbled.

Valkarn frowned.

"And as usual, you jumped the proverbial dwarven hand-cannon" he rebuked her. "You're fortunate I got here when I did."

"Where are the others?" she asked him.

"Making there way here. The nether-storm was particularly bad. We'll probably have to activate the summoning stone to get Mistress Andro here to help."

As the two made their way over to the summoning stone, the hunter Psia arrived with her bonded owl.

"What's wrong?" she queried, noticing a grimace on Elunae's face. In reply, the druid just pointed.  Looking in the direction of her gesture, Psia let out a chuckle. Rivilenho, the deadly knife fighter, was riding up to the group. There was an ongoing squabble between Elunae and the deadly gnome about who got what when the loot from their adventures was divided between them at the end. Somehow, Rivilenho seemed to win far more than Elunae when they settled their debates with the dice. Psia wasn't so sure, but Elunae was convinced he cheated.

Activating the summoning stone, the group was soon complete with the arrival of the sorceress Andromache.
Now the fun would really begin...

The Ravens attacked the mana tombs last night, and triumphed with only 2 wipes, both due to unexpected turns of events. All of us really enjoyed the instance, and are really impressed as a group with how well Blizzard have succeeded with the outlands content.

Loot was good, with Andromache getting 2 blues - one from a chest and one dropped (both big upgrades), Elunae getting one blue, and Rivilenho getting one.

We managed to complete the instance in just over 2 hours, but now that we know the content we coul almost certainly do it in 1 hour (and we all want to do it several more times, both for loot and for rep).

After the instance, we headed out into Terrokar and then Nagrand to help people finish some of the group quests they were on. All in all, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Way up high in the Zangamarsh sky...

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... Alarqa sits on an Elek (It feels really really high at first =) )! A big thanks to all who helped with donations of cloth.

For those who are thinking about the rep grind, it cost about 850 gold for me to buy all the runecloth needed (as well as many donations), with each stack varying between 1.2g and 2.0g a stack. For non humans, it's 10% more.

Now to save for an epic flying mount...

I believe I can fly...

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Elunae got flight form last night - it's such a blast, and there is a lot you can do with it...



And then I learned some tricks. First - find a high spot over a lake...


then take flight:


...shift out of flight form...


... and SPLASH!


Glug glug...

You also get to see the world in a whole new way...




The Rawr Bomb

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Furry death from above…

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