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Valkarn's Report

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Day 1 in the Outlands Everything I do not need in a hurry has been sent to Nevin to sort out and I have crossed through the portal to Outlands.  Demons, thousands of them sir, meant my first trip to visit the spirit guides in the Outlands. Unable to find my path into the light they kicked me straight back out into outlands and back into the fight. Leafshine decided it was about time we reported to the Alliance commander and we found a flight point near the portal and took flight.I always said the world was flat, because this time when you look down you can see the edges.

Picture_2 Watch out for the damn worms they jump up out of the ground and leap upon you before you know it.  After slaughtering the offending worm its guts spilled out before me I noticed a satchel with some Alliance markings, all that was left of some patrol.  I packed it away to and made sure that later on I delivered it to its destination.

Jadur is great to have along when trying to find the enemy, as he has this knack of drawing all the enemy to one place all at once.  This saves a lot of time and running around, I don’t know how he does it.  Anyway the enemy numbers thinned and a bunch of wood and metal gathered we returned to the hold.  My reward for this was beautifully crafted uncommon set of plated greaves.  I checked the rare pair I had on and decided that it was time to shard my old pair and slip into my new pair.

We explored the hold and found the blacksmith, who informed me that I still had much to learn and if I can convince a miner to supply me with some fel iron I could craft new items from this rare ore.  In the inn I found cook who had a new book of recipes and told me I also had much more I learn also so purchased his book and spent some time learning the mysteries of cooking in the outlands. Then when I thought I could learn no more I found an enchanter who unlocked the barriers I had formed to allow me to further my skills in enchanting and taught me how to permanently enchant a piece of chest armour to grant an increase in the rate you regen mana, how to permanently enchant gloves to grant more attack power and how to make my new fel iron enchanting rod. Then back out into the wilds to report in at small outpost.

We were tasked with breaking into the enemy orc camp and setting signal fires, so the gryphon attack squadrons could launch massive bombing runs.  The enemy stronghold in flames, we were rewarded with some rare outland armour,  I myself got a beautiful rare plate chest that increases my healing beyond that of the rare chest piece I had been given for my earlier work in the battle grounds back home. Feeling saddle sore but victorious Leafshire, Rivelinho and Jadur returned to the Hold for a well earned rest.

Eldernar and myself stayed on we had been tasked with a quest to collect some cursed talismans so we rode back into the enemy stronghold and unleashed such bloodshed on holy wraith on all that dared get in our way. Having ripped enough talismans from the still warm bodies of our vanquished foes we returned to the outpost, Impressed by our deeds they sent us back into the enemy stronghold this time with orders to kill the orc leader.  The numbers already thinned by our earlier attack and buoyed by the arrive of fresh alliance reserves. We quickly breached the orc leaders stone fort and killed his guards and then we found him. Before he had time to blink holy shock burnt into his body and he was judged by the light to be found wanting.

Mission accomplished we returned to the hold to repair and see if there were any more quests we could help with.  We found some prayer beads a dog had buried I have never paid so much for a damn dog biscuit.  Eldernar decided it was time for some rest and we parted company.

I heard rumour of a temple to the North West where you could learn to make new bandages that would work better than the heavy runecloth ones I carried.  I set off taking care to stick to the road.  I came upon some ruins and recognised a marking on one of tents, it was the same as that on the satchel I had found earlier.  I delivered the package and was informed it was very overdue and thanked me for bringing to them.  We said a prayer for the lost souls who had failed in the mission and I was on my way again. I found the towers that Horde and Alliance seemed to be battling over, but at that time the

Alliance had control so I rode on. 

In the top North West of the territory a little north of the road I found the temple its priest were Draenai and they were many request for help.  I promised to return to aid them as soon as I had helped establish the alliance foothold in the area.  I asked if they would teach how to turn this new fel cloth I had found into bandages for a large donation to temple I purchased two books, one on the concept of advanced healing and one on how to use the cloth,  I promised to return to help and to purchase the third when I had mastered to the first two.

The horde had decided they did not like the alliance holding the towers and decided to take control.  I charged back East and with no support in sight took control of all three towers.  With alliance back in control I returned to hold where a miner promised me a ring of such healing and spell power if only I could stop those damn worms I had met earlier from approaching his mine. 

A short while later and a lot of dead worms I was proud owner of an uncommon ring of healing and spell power. Examining the ring I decided it would be better than the rare chivalrous ring of healing  power I had earned in the service of the light all those years ago. Tired but victorious I retired to the inn for a rest and a drink.

I checked the rooms and found the rest of the Ravens First Flight and settled down to write this report.

Walk in the light


Ravens’ First Flight

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