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Valkarn Outlands Report Day2 Part 1

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Well after a good day's rest it was time to ride back out into the unknown to help those in need.  The Path of Glory is scattered with the bones of the dead I had been given a vial of holy water and asked if I would lay the souls of those that had fallen there in its defence.  The bones of the fallen had been trampled into the dirt and the filthy orcs.  I found them laughing to themselves, but not for long as I charged into the fray Unstoppable Force glowing with holy power smashed its way through the orcs allowing me to reach the bones of the departed and lay their souls to rest.  Leaving the road now scattered with the bodies of dead orcs I
decided it was time to complete the orders I had received when I first arrived.

Expedition point needed help, they were becoming over run with imps and demons.  I arrived in the nick of time as demons were almost upon them.  I called forth the power of the light to consecrate the ground beneath me.
This soon got the imps attention and they swarmed towards me, dancing and jumping threatening to overpower me.  I concentrated and launched my mace into the large demon in their centre and then swung at the those surround him, as soon as they were dead more seemed to appear from the very air and I was back into battle.  An exhausted fight ensured but more and more alliance poured over the rise and we soon had control of the area and the pressure was relieved from expedition point.

Next on my list of things to do was to take care of the engines of war that were still targeting the hold.  I summoned my charger and galloped towards the machines.  The orcs guarding these machines were vast in
numbers but seeing my chance I leapt from my charger into battle.  I found my self fighting side by side with horde but the bumbling man cow soon fell trampled beneath the feet of our common enemy leaving me to finish
the job.  An almighty mother of a battle ensued with 4 then 5 then 6 of the snarling orcs trying to send me to my maker.  Their squabbling was to my advantage, if they had spent the same effort trying to hit me rather
than pushing each other out of the way to get the glory of killing me alone this story may have had another ending.  I took advantage of the chaos and stunned the caster with gesture from my off hand, and prepared
to judge the nearest orc with the power of my maker.  Holy wrath burst from the ground to remind them who was in charge here and my mace met the face of the nearest orc with such power that he just stood there stunned,
bleeding and spitting teeth.  I had to call upon all my reserves of power
though as they threatened to overwhelm me.

With their numbers thinned to just two -a clever looking orc who had bided his time at the back waiting
for me to weaken and another that snuck up behind me - I found myself forced to call upon power of light to shield me while I bandaged my self and drunk a potion to restore my mana.  It was enough and I soon found
myself surrounded with the bodies of dead orcs.  I set light to the torch and threw it into the orcs bedding straw beneath the war machine and it was soon in flames.  I set off towards the next and it was not long until
all four of the foul machines were aflame.

I headed back to hold to repair my armour and to find that Nevin had sent me the Runecloth I had requested and the small sack of coin to cover the mounting costs of this expedition.  I had just finished turning the large
pile of Runecloth in bandages when I realised that the book I had read on the properties of Felcloth now made sense and dug into my pack to retrieve the mysterious cloth.  I was soon turning the cloth into most elegant
looking bandages, I was sure I would get to test them later.  Some provisions purchased from the inn I sat to write this report and await the arrival of the Ravens who had agreed to storm the Ramparts nearby.  If it
is not time to meet my maker I will report on that later.

In the light we are judged

Ravens First Flight

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