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Report from the First Flight

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Dear Mistress Andropants,

Here is the Leafy report from the First Flight we sent through the Dark Portal last night.

As you know, combined Alliance and Horde forces finally succeeded in driving the demonic forces back through the Portal at 11pm yesterday. A small First Flight of Ravens was dispatched through the Portal soon after 11pm, consisting of Paladins Eldernar and Valkarn, Warrior Jadur, Rogue Rivelinho and Druid Leafshine. Me!

Eldenar bravely volunteered to test the portal's safety when Jadur pushed him through. When Eldenar returned looking unharmed but even more grumpy than normal, we were all very happy, apart from Jadur who went a bit quiet. We mustered out strength, sharpened our weapons, packed a spare pair of trousers and leaped through the portal.

Alliance forces were working with the Horde to hold back wave after wave of demons on the other side. We briefly joined in the combat against the Fel forces, but eventually remembered that we had orders to report to an Alliance commander there. He directed us to a flight master and onwards to to the Alliance encampment set up by the expedition who left for Outland 20 years ago! They survive! And they desperately need out help.

We're leaving shortly on a critical mission against nasty, red, corrupted orcs.

Send more Ravens! We need all the help we can.

Also, got a very pretty feathery top. Very chic.


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