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PvP for Dummies

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Name Quantity SubType Slot ReqLevel
Clothing, armor and gear
White Leather Bag 1 Bag Bag
Buccaneer's Boots of Frozen Wrath 1 Cloth Feet 14
Recruit's Boots 1 Miscellaneous Feet
Tellurium Band of the Owl 1 Miscellaneous Finger 42
Phalanx Gauntlets of Power 1 Mail Hands 28
Elder's Amber Stave of the Owl 1 Miscellaneous Held In Off-hand 30
Raider's Legguards of the Bear 1 Mail Legs 14
Bandit Buckler of the Bear 1 Shield Off Hand 15
Burnished Shield 1 Shield Off Hand 16
Raider's Shield of the Boar 1 Shield Off Hand 14
Laced Mail Shoulderpads 1 Mail Shoulder 15
Lambent Scale Pauldrons 1 Mail Shoulder 22
Duskwoven Sash of the Owl 1 Cloth Waist 44
Magister's Belt 1 Cloth Waist 53
Archer's Belt of Intellect 1 Leather Waist 30
Wristwraps of Undead Slaying 1 Leather Wrist 58
Ridge Cleaver of the Boar 1 Axe Main Hand 20
Barbed Club of Strength 1 Mace Main Hand 14
Gloom Reaper of the Boar 1 Axe One-Hand 32
Goblin Nutcracker of the Monkey 1 Mace One-Hand 38
Opaque Wand 1 Wand Range 15
Scorching Wand 1 Wand Range 30
Black Metal War Axe 1 Axe Two-Hand 23
Medicine Staff of Nature's Wrath 1 Staff Two-Hand 14
Gleaming Claymore of Agility 1 Sword Two-Hand 15
Stonescale Eel 12 Reagent Reagent
Mithril Spurs 2 Trade Goods Trade Goods
Craftsman's Writ - Huge Thorium Battleaxe 1 Junk Writ 55
Craftsman's Writ - Runic Leather Pants 1 Junk Writ 55
Craftsman's Writ - Wicked Leather Belt 1 Junk Writ 55
Recipe: Elixir of Fortitude 1 Alchemy
Recipe: Elixir of the Mongoose 2 Alchemy
Recipe: Fire Protection Potion 1 Alchemy
Recipe: Frost Oil 1 Alchemy
Recipe: Gift of Arthas 4 Alchemy
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion 2 Alchemy
Plans: Copper Chain Vest 1 Blacksmithing
Plans: Corruption 2 Blacksmithing
Plans: Radiant Leggings 1 Blacksmithing
Recipe: Barbecued Buzzard Wing 1 Cooking
Recipe: Crocolisk Gumbo 2 Cooking
Recipe: Curiously Tasty Omelet 2 Cooking
Recipe: Gooey Spider Cake 2 Cooking
Recipe: Goretusk Liver Pie 1 Cooking
Recipe: Grilled Squid 1 Cooking
Recipe: Murloc Fin Soup 1 Cooking
Recipe: Redridge Goulash 1 Cooking
Recipe: Seasoned Wolf Kabob 1 Cooking
Recipe: Tasty Lion Steak 1 Cooking
Recipe: Westfall Stew 1 Cooking
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Stamina 1 Enchanting
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Advanced Mining 2 Enchanting
Formula: Enchant Gloves - Skinning 1 Enchanting
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Demonslaying 1 Enchanting
Formula: Wizard Oil 1 Enchanting
Schematic: Goblin Jumper Cables 1 Engineering
Schematic: Mithril Heavy-bore Rifle 1 Engineering
Schematic: Portable Bronze Mortar 1 Engineering
Schematic: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus 1 Engineering
Schematic: Thorium Rifle 1 Engineering
Schematic: World Enlarger 1 Engineering
Expert First Aid - Under Wraps 1 First Aid
Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage 1 First Aid
Pattern: Barbaric Gloves 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Big Voodoo Pants 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Chimeric Leggings 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Fine Leather Boots 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Frostsaber Gloves 3 Leatherworking
Pattern: Frostsaber Leggings 3 Leatherworking
Pattern: Green Dragonscale Breastplate 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Green Dragonscale Leggings 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Guardian Cloak 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Guardian Leather Bracers 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Belt 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Heavy Scorpid Leggings 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Hillman's Belt 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Living Leggings 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Bracers 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Gloves 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Helm 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Leggings 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Tough Scorpid Shoulders 1 Leatherworking
Pattern: Volcanic Leggings 2 Leatherworking
Pattern: Brightcloth Cloak 1 Tailoring
Pattern: Frostweave Robe 1 Tailoring
Pattern: Red Linen Bag 1 Tailoring
Pattern: Red Linen Vest 1 Tailoring

Odds and endings

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Here are couple of odd shots Andro has taken over the last week (excluding the AQ set):

A Dragon's Eye View
Forging the UBRS key


Fighting in UBRS (Andro was a little to busy to get shots of Drakisath or Rend ...)



The Battle for Moonglade
Part of the sceptre quest for AQ - Zillion of people and unbelievable lag (again!)






Gates Opening Movie

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A movie created by Ruk Bloodskull of the Horde:

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A few grabs from Sunday's event:

Leafy vrs the Anubisath
Looking at a Colossus
We can take it!

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The Battle of Ahn Qiraj

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1) The Alliance and Horde forces gather for the opening

2) The Anubisaths counterattack Cenarion Hold

3) Inside the Temple of Ahn Qiraj

4) The Final Battle of the Scarab Wall


Aq4 Aq8 Aq12

Draenei Classes
The classes available to the new Burning Crusade races have been revealed at last:

So, with the release of the Burning Crusade, new Draenei players will be able to choose from warrior, paladin, hunter, priest, shaman, and mage options, while new Blood Elves will be able to pick from paladin, hunter, rogue, priest, mage, and warlock.

Read more at WoW Insider.

GroupCalendar Updates

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Our chosen in-game calendar mod GroupCalendar has hit version 2.2. Download and install!

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