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Detailed Guide to a DM Tribute Run

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I found this guide and thought I would share it, as there is SO much nice loot for all in there!


(Found at


The unofficial guide to a tribute run… by unofficial I mean that there are a lot of ways to do it but this is how I
have most of my success. I’m not even going to discuss who you should have in your group as most people
will jump on me and say my group composition is all wrong even though I have run DM Tribute about 20
times successfully. Group composition does not matter when you have 5 people who know what their
responsibilities are. I should also mention that this guide is heavily slanted to the Alliance side (sorry Horde
guys) as I am a pally and have no comparable Horde alt.

What to bring on a tribute run:
1 Frost Oil
1 Thorium Widget
4 Runecloth Bolts (2 if you have a tailor with the recipe)
2 Rune Thread (1 if you have a tailor with the recipe)
8 Rugged Leather (4 if you have a tailor with the recipe)
2 Truesilver (Skeleton) Keys (Requires Blacksmithing - Optional if there is a Rogue and/or an Engineer with
2 Large Seaforim Charges in the group)
2 Large Seaforium Charge (Requires Engineer - Optional if there is a Rogue and/or a Blacksmith with two
truesilver/skeleton keys in the group)

What a good group has:
1 MT (Warrior is good but can be done by good Druids or Pallies)
1 MH (Priest or Druid or a well-speced healing Pally)
1-2 Caster(s) (Mage or Warlock…both if you can get them)
1-2 Other Classes (does not really matter…adding a Rogue with Imp SAP is good for CC)

My favorite (see, I’m not saying this group is the best, I’m not saying it’s the only, just saying it’s MY favorite)
1 Warrior
1 Druid
1 Warlock
1 Pally
1 Mage

Named Mobs/NPCs:
Guard Mol’Dar (gives buff once you are king)
Kreeg (gives free alcohol once you are king – first time only, pay after)
Guard Fengus (gives buff once you are king)
Guard Slip’Kik (gives buff once you are king)
Captain Kromcrush
Cho’Rush the Observer (calls Mizzle the Crafty who makes you King)
King Gordok
Gordok Bushwhacker (once you loot the tannin)
Knot Thimblejack (gives the quest for the Ogre Suite…also if a Gordok Shackle Key drops, it frees Knot. A
nice cache of loot drops for the group)

In order to get a full tribute (3 blues), all named except the king must live. Now, if you do it right, you get 2
blues from the King and 3 blues from the tribute chest. Don’t loot the King until you have gotten the tribute
from Mizzle…that way you can make sure that everyone gets what they want. Also, I would recommend that
you do not free Knot until the end of the run when the King is dead. This gives whoever has not received any
blue loot another opportunity to get something nice as a blue (sometimes even a purple) is always in Knot’s

Getting to the King (going left when you enter the instance):

1. 1 single pull pat (Gordok Brute) by the instance door – easy kill.

2. 1 Brute with 2Mastiffs patrol (3 mobs total) – Sheep the brute and work on the dogs first (if there is a
Druid, hibernate one of the dogs).

3. 2 Brutes with 2 Mage-Lords (4 mobs total – sometimes 3) – Sheep/Seduce 1 Brute and SAP 1 Mage-
Lord. MT focuses on Brute while others in the group take out Mage-Lord. The Mage-Lords like to sheep so
take them out quickly.

4. 1 Brute with 2 Mastiffs patrol (3 mobs total) – Sheep the brute and work on the dogs first (if there is a
Druid, hibernate one of the dogs).

5. 2 Brutes and 1 Mage-Lord (3 mobs total – sometimes 4) – Sheep/Seduce and SAP Brutes and deal with
Mage-Lord first.

6. 1 Brute (seated) and 3 Mastiffs (4 mobs total) – Sheep Brute and work on the dogs first (if there is a
Druid, hibernate one of the dogs).

7. 1 Brute and 2 Mastiffs patrol (3 mobs total) - Sheep the brute and work on the dogs first (if there is a
Druid, hibernate one of the dogs).

8. 2 Mage-Lords (2 mobs total) – Sheep/Seduce/SAP one and kill the other.

9. 2 Brutes (2 mobs total – sometimes 3) – Sheep/Seduce/SAP one and kill the other.

10. 2 Mage-Lords and 1 Brute (3 mobs total) – Sheep/Seduce/SAP one Mage-Lord and the Brute and take
out the other Mage-Lord.

11. Get inner door key and hug the wall to get to door. Be careful here, they have added a few more patrols.

12. Once inside the door, wait for the eye to appear. Destroy the eye (fast attack as damage is not an issue).

13. Next, you have 1 Warlock, 1 Reaver, and 1 Demon (3 mobs total). Sheep/Seduce/SAP the Warlock and
Reaver and kill the Demon first. Take out the Reaver next and leave the Warlock for last. Watch out for

14. Next you have the 1 Warlock, Reaver, and 1 Demon combination of mobs (3 mobs total). Use the same
strategy as above.

15. You have bugs next. AoE the bugs and then move on into the room for the next fight. You are now the
Guard Slip’Kik area.

16. Kill the eye before you do anything.

17. After destroying the eye, wait and pull the first group of mobs. You will have 1 Warlock, 1 Reaver, and 2
Demons (4 mobs total). SAP the Warlock and Sheep/Seduce the Reaver so that you can eliminate the two
demons. Pull them far away from the area so you do not aggro Slip’Kik. After killing the demons, pull the
Reaver back and sheep the Warlock. Kill the Reaver and then dispose of the Warlock.

18. Fix the trap with the Thorium widget and the Frost Oil. You can reverse the order of steps 17 and 18.
You can easily SAP the Warlock closest to the trap and then fix the trap and freeze Slip’Kik before clearing
the group of mobs. Interesting that post patch, Slip’Kik actually continues to patrol even though frozen.

19. You will have 1 Warlock and 1 Reaver (2 mobs total) stations around the corner. Sheep/Seduce the
Warlock and take out the Reaver. Kill the Warlock next and move forward.

20. You should now face 1 Warlock, 1 Reaver and 2 Demons (3 mobs total). Use the strategy provided in
Step 17.

21. Up the ramp and on the mid-level, you will have 3 groups of mobs. 1 group of mobs has been added to
this area. The first group is to your right at the top of the ramp. You have 1 Warlock, 1 Reaver, and 1 Demon
(3 mobs total). Use strategy provided in Step 13.

22. If you have tannin already and do not need it, continue down the right to the new group of mobs. You will
encounter 1 Warlock, 1 Reaver, and 1 Demon (there may be no demon in some cases…2-3 mobs total).
Use strategy provided in Step 13.

23. If you need the tannin, you have to eliminate 1 Warlock, 1 Reaver, and 1 Demon (3 mobs total). Use
strategy provided in Step 13.

24. Refresh your group. Loot the tannin…you will have a weak sub-boss called Gordok Bushwhacker.
Eliminate this guy.

25. Go back to Knot and have him put together the ogre suit (4 runecloth bolts, 2 runethread, 1 ogre tannin,
8 rugged leather). Now, if you have a tailor who is new, let that person loot the tannin and turn in all the
materials. Once they do that, they will be given the recipe for the ogre suit. The recipe for the ogre suit cuts
the materials required for the suit in half! Also, your group will no longer depend on Knot to make the suit. I
would suggest that you do not free Knot until the end but that is your groups choice.

26. Up the ramp to the top level. There are 3 groups of mobs. They added a new group at the top of the
ramp to the right. You do not have to fight these mobs. Simply do your normal run and eliminate the 2
Reavers at the left and right of the door. Have your group hug the wall to the left while fighting.
Sheep/Seduce/SAP one of the Reaver and kill the other.

27. Once you enter the door, you have 2 Warlocks, 1 Reaver, and 1 Demon. Previously, you were able to
single pull the Reaver. This strategy can no longer be employed as he is now linked. I suggest that you
Sheep/Seduce/SAP the 2 Warlocks and take out the Demon and the Reaver. After you eliminate those 2,
take out the Warlocks.

28. Put on the ogre suit and talk to Captain Kromcrush (don't forget to dance...hee hee). Wait for him to run
away and then move the group forward. You now will face 1 Captain (not the named, just a generic NPC)
and 1 Reaver/Guard. Sheep the Reaver/Guard and kill the Captain (not the named, just a generic NPC) first.
Eliminate the second mob and move forward.

29. Pull the 3 Mastiff patrol. Kill the dogs and move right.

30. Pull the 5-7 Mastiffs in the center of the room. Kill them.

31. Move forward to the throne area for the King fight.

32. There are many strategies for the King fight that all revolve around how to handle Cho’Rush. The
strategy depends on your group composition. The first thing to be aware of is the fact that Cho’Rush has a
few styles of fighting. He can sometimes fight like a Shaman, using totems against the player. He can
sometimes fight like a pally, come straight at you and melee attack you while healing the King. He can also
fight like a caster, using some nasty spells against you. So, you strategy to off-tank him really depends on
your group and how he fights. The following are a few strategies (that my groups have employed…many
more strategies exist) depending on class of off-tanker:

A. Hunter off-tank: Ice trap, FD, Ice trap. The Ice trap will hold for 10-12 seconds. Have your pet attack the
King so it does not dispel the Ice trap. The hunter must pull Cho’Rush to the trap. FD about 7 seconds in
and then reset the Ice trap directly under Cho’Rush so that he sets it off immediately.

B. Pally off-tank: 1h+shield, Seal of Justice, Blessing of Light, Devotion Aura, and Flash of Light. With this
set-up, the paladin can stun Cho’Rush for 2 seconds, use Flash of light to heal and get the extra 115 on top
of it from Blessing of Light. The paladin should be able to off-tank Cho’Rush extremely effectively. Use
Hammer of Justice when/if Cho’Rush attempts to heal the king. Watch the action a little while you fight
Cho’Rush and drop Lay of Hands on MH/MT if necessary. If the fight goes really bad, advise the MH to
move away from combat and drop Divine Intervention. That way, should the rest of the group die, the MT
can rez the pally and have the pally help with/or rez the group. Very easy for a pally to off-tank Cho’Rush.

C. Warlock off-tank: While most people suggest the Felhound, I personally like to use the Void Walker. The
VW is built to tank and can sustain major damage. The entire fight with the king is almost trivialized by a
VW. The VW takes care of the king all by themselves. Chances are pretty good that Cho’Rush will get off a
heal (maybe even two) but with 5 people on the king, it’s a no-brainer.

D. Druid off-tank: if you have Druid in your group along with another MH, the Druid can off-tank Cho’Rush in
Bear Form. Not much strategy involved in that one.

E. Rogue off-tank: Yup, I said Rogue off-tank. I have been in a group where I was the MH and the Rogue
off-tanked Cho’Rush. A lot of kicks, kidney shots, and backstabs to keep Cho’Rush at bay. Make sure the
Rogue has a major heal potion and throw LoH if necessary. This strategy is by far the most difficult.

Now, once you're the king, don’t forget to do a few things once YOU are king:
Get all the buffs and alcohol
Go to the Library
Free Knot (if you have not already done so)
Open the chest
Look at the dusty tome (spawn locations I know of are beside Cho'Rush the Observer, under the ramp on
the first level going up to the throne room, and in the right-hand corner when you enter the instance if you go
right - this spawn is always guarded by 2 sets of bugs you have to fight through first)
Get all the free tuber roots (but don’t forget that the bugs are not friendly toward you even if you are king!)
There you have it, a pretty good guide to DM Tribute. By all means, this guide is not set in stone. Don’t flame
me because I didn’t do it the way your group does it. There are a lot of ways to do it. I simply wanted to do a
quick layout of the run and give some highlights about how you might approach it. Feel free to add to the
strategy if you find something else that works.
Good luck.

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