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Silly Mage Tricks - Raven's Style!

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A group of intrepid Ravens - Aberas, Leafshine and Strobmoli (and later Andromache) went undead-hunting in the Burning Steppes, looking to beat back the Scourge incursions. They had considerable success against the undead, but with the arrival of Andromache decided to change tack to exploit their dual-mage capability. With Aberas and Leaf healing, Strob would run into the midst of the invaders, looping round the crystal, running back to the party surrounded by around a dozen angry ghosts and zombies, who were met with a flurry of AOE and combat spells. With the spellcasters managing 25-50,000 points of damage (each) in the short but bloody battles, the undead stood little chance and the main issue arising was the difficuty of looting when two-dozen corpses lay atop each other. Eventually, the Scourge sent engineers to repair the crystal and the merry band decided to pick some of them off. They very nearly succeeded but were foiled by a mass of adds (from people being feared into them). Moral of the story: stick to five-man groups for the engineers and big nasties! (Nett proceeds of the counterattack were a fair amount of silver, some letters for delivery to Light's Hope Chapel and 1000+ Argent Dawn rep). Screenshot_062406_002213 Image: Strob charges back with his new “friends”

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Damn, and I just found out you guys play on SC.

I've got a few toons on Argent Dawn. I'll create a toon on Steamwheedle and try to look you lot up.


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