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by Adam

Ravens Nest – a Ravens Forum

April 29, 2006 in Guild Admin

The new Shattered Ravens forum is live.

by Adam

Sinking the Sunken Temple

April 28, 2006 in Grabs, Grouping

A group of Ravens stormed through the Sunken Temple last night, managing to do the whole thing in about four hours, and only suffering two deaths. Here are some pics, which you can click to see larger versions.

Aberas zaps a dragon

Bettina and Artemis busy tanking a dragon, while Leafy waits to heal and Aberas does a, um, priest zappy thing…

Shattered Ravens: Hakkar Slayers

The victorious party, over the corpse of Hakkar’s avatar: Mhyrel, Aberas, Artemis, Ashilandra, Leafshine (almost hidden by the Moonkin Ash) and Bettina.

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by Adam

Potions changes coming?

April 27, 2006 in Links

Interesting bit of news, culled from the forums.

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by Adam

Gratuitous Grab of the Day

April 27, 2006 in Grabs


A gratuitous grab of Leafy in Winterspring, just because the environment struck me as really pretty while I was (slowly) killing a Yeti.

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April 22, 2006 in Grabs, Grouping

As Chris put it: A small gang of Ravens (Aberas, Andromache, Blayse and Leafshine) went rampaging through the troll population of Hinterlands last night, thinning their population markedly and incidentally freeing young Sharpbeak in the process. A fun time was had by all (I hope!) and various goodies were aquired, including plans for Mithril Spurs.

I’ll just add…

a) I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, Leaf’s giving it a good kicking:


b) *how* many defuffs?!



Mage Quest

April 20, 2006 in Grabs, Grouping

A few nights ago Azadale started on his mage quests. Blayse helped out. No pictures of us fighting through the swamp to see Tabatha, but after we picked up the first quests…

Wowscrnshot_041806_205733_freefall Wowscrnshot_041806_205903_thousand_needl Wowscrnshot_041806_212149_daisy
Parachuting down the lift
Thousand needles escort
The search for the chicken
Wowscrnshot_041806_222523_azadale_and_li_1 Wowscrnshot_041806_223411_floating_rock__1 Wowscrnshot_041806_224619_fighting_water
Summoning lightning
Mystical rock
Water elemental meets fire

by Adam

Dire Maul Derring Do

April 15, 2006 in Grabs, Grouping

Late last night, a bunch of Ravens decided to explore Dire Maul North, which is largely unexplored territory for us so far. Eldanar, Strobmoli, Rebrall, Edina and Leafshine are bravely attacking a drunken ogre here:


And here, one of Strobmoli’s special friends has spent its wooly time running around in the fire…

Sadly, I only managed to take the grab just as the sheep became an ogre again:


Sadly, we wiped just before the end boss, and the combination of respawns and one of the party heading off stopped us for the night. Next time.

Shadowfang Keep

April 13, 2006 in Grabs, Grouping

Last night, Blayse, Esatobeen, Valkarn and Kezzle stormed Shadowfang Keep. We were all over powered, especially Blayse, so we slaughtered the whole Keep in less than 3/4 hour. Superb!


Blayse v the dragon

April 13, 2006 in Grabs

A few days ago Blayse got into a group to fight not one, but two lvl 50 dragons in the Badlands (they’re summoned as a pair). We wiped once, but with better pulling managed to separate them and take them down. Fantastic!


by Adam


April 12, 2006 in Guild Admin

A test of the new domain.

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