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Day of Dragons

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Today was Leafshine's day of dragons.


Leafy was riding through Duskwood, when one of the green dragons announced its presence. Being a curious sort, she went for a look.

A young paladin asked is she and Leaf could take the dragon. Sweet.

Then, while fishing in the Swamp of Sorrows, Leaf was invited to join a raid to take down Teremus the Devourer, alongside members of Exalted and several other guilds.


We won!


Site For Guild Beach Party?

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While swimming south from the Hinterlands (as you do), Leaf came across this area on the eastern coast of the Arathi Highlands. It's a small Dwarven Farm, with three dwarves, two rams, a bunch of rats and no unfriendlies at all. You can only reach it from the sea.

The perfect place for a Ravens beach party?

Ravens at 60

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I did a little check of what classes we have at 60 last night, and this was the result:

Graph of Level 60 Ravens

We have one of every class, bar warlocks. (Poppity is not currently in the guild).

Hunters lead the way on 3, followed by rogues and mages on 2. Ironically, the two characters most likely to ding 60 next are Balthor and Myhrel, both hunters...

Anyway, some food for thought when choosing what to level up.

Leafshine at 60

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Leafshine (finally) hit 60 earlier today, while questing with the Cenarion Circle in Silithus.

Leafy at 60

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