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The Doors of Uldaman

Awaiting the opening of the doors with trepidation...

Blackwing Lair Movie

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I downloaded the Blackwing Lair movie that Blizzard has on their website, and found that it was just too darn big for my ageing iMac. So, some Quicktime jiggery-pokery later, I have a smaller version that will run acceptably on the poor white beast. If you're on a slower machine, feel free to download my version. (Quicktime required)

Update: since this was first posted, YouTube has come along...

The Ravens visit GnomeHome (again)

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After a slog through the denizens of Gnomeregan during which we had our asses hand to us, Blayse, Ranyia, Gradjo, Zarama and Bettina decided to return the favour and gave Mr . Mekgineer Thermaplugg a darn good thrashing. Doesn't the new Guild Tunic design look cool?

Ravens in GnomeHome

Leafy's Living Armour

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Leafy in Living Armour

Thanks to Almaron (and probably some contributions from unknown others), Leafshine has her completed Living Armour. And that's what it looks like...

Leaf heals go!

Excuse me miss?

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Strob in Dire Maul

Strobmoli and Eldanar recently took a trip to the library in Dire Maul north.

Some interesting things in there.

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