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Farming Druid Set Boots

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I read about this on the druid forums. Mother Smolderweb is an Elite Named Boss in Lower Blackrock Spires, who drops the druid set item "Wildheart Boots". Because she is a beast, it is possible for a druid to hibernate her. This means that she is actually soloable with a little skill at level 60 (I wouldn't recommend trying it before then, although people have posted they have done it as low as level 57, but the resist rate of the mob will be much higher).

The basic strategy is to sneak your way to her, and then stand in a corener and open with Starfire, then immediately hibernate her, run to the other side of a narrow space, and repeat. Of course, you will be resisted, and might mistime a spell, so you need to heal up a bit too. Although you can spam hibernate her for very little mana, and hibernate, at lvl 60, lasts about 45 sec, so you get plenty time to take a 'regen break' to allow some of your mana to tick back up.

Here are some pictures (taken from 2 fights, because in the first fight I only remembered to take a piccy just before she died and as she died).

Farming Druid Boots

Still Farming Druid Boots
Yet More Boot Farming

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