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Playing the AH Stock Market (35-40)

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Making Money - Level 25-40 - Bridal's Way

I started at level 36 with 4g and made 100g in 2-3 weeks just as I hit level 40.

My advice:

1) Stop levelling. Fight mobs which give you very low or no exp but drop items and silk/linen/whatever. Kill faster, sell more. There is no benefit in being higher level and needing money, or being without a mount, etc. Stop levelling and kill below you until you catch up with yourself.

Go anywhere you can kill 5-10 creatures one after another, without needing healing. Also, go and solo instances like Blackfathom Deeps and Shadowfang Keep until you get stuck. Sell anything you make. Life is cheap.

2) Play the AH like the stock market. Buy and Sell for profit.

People have more money than sense. Buy and sell in things they want but cannot be arsed to go and hunt out.  Sell the following:

Recipes: Cooking, First Aid, Tailoring, Alchemy recipes, anything for level 30+

Books: First Aid, Cooking. As a rule, put them on the AH and add a gold or so to the sell value immediately. Try your luck. Find one shot vendor recipes and take the time to travel and get them.

  1. Icy Cloak. Tailor in Dustwallow March has a single recipe for a blue Icy Cloak for 30s. It will sell for 1.5g on average

  2. Dustwallow Marsh also has a potions and scrolls woman who sells First Aid books. Make 75s on average by buying and selling on the AH.

  3. Frost Oil recipe. Held by a small fella in a defensive wall on the right hand side of the Elite Ogres to the north of Tarren Mills. Sells for 2g or so. He only has one to sell, but it's worth waiting for.

  4. Tanaris - Steamwheedle Port. Fisherman there sells 3 top level cooking recipes for a gold or so each. Will make 50s-75s on each one by selling on the AH.

3) Be prepared to spend every login at the AH relisting items and doing runs to far flung places to make your money. Do this with your main! I tried this with a flunky character but it was too much of a pain to log in and out. Found it easier to do it with my main and get on with it. Also, Ogg is pretty flight path/Zepp ready, so it was no big deal. I always have my soulstone bound to Ogg to get me back quick at the end of every play session. Means I can log in to relist and collect my mailed cash.

4) One of the riskiest, but worth it. Savoury Deviate Delight recipe. This one goes for somewhere between 8-15g on the AH a shot on Horde side. It's a rare drop, but I found mine by killing round and round and round the swamp fen lake. I also sold the 200 linen I made looking for it, for about 80s in total.

5) There are no 'quick' paths to a zillion gold. You won't get that purple item which sells for 400g. Take the low silver amounts willingly - it all adds up. For extra 10s here and there, cook creature parts and sell the results. Free money!

6) Always check the AH for recipes which are being undersold. Once you start dealing in them and looking regularly, you'll know what sort of price people are selling for. Twice a week something will appear which is wrong and cheap and worth so much more. Buy it outright and resell it immediately. Always check to see what's being sold for Alchemy, Cooking, and Tailoring recipes. I found someone with a buy outright on Savoury Deviate Delight of 1g. Bought and resold that evening for a 8g profit.

7) You'll reach a point where you've got 30g stacked into your AH wares, listing and selling and listing. Get it sold even if you have to drop prices a little, rinse and repeat. Do this while questing, while wandering the world. Get your little pattern going.

8) AH listing: Do your homework first. Start bids around the same mark as everyone else, but bring in your buy it outright price to 10s or so lower than everyone else. You're in it for the long haul. It takes no time really, 10 mins a night!

9) Enjoy the 100g. Buy a nice pony.

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