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Wanted: Bloodshard Ravens

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You can identify these traitorous Horde members by their new tabard design, as shown below on criminals Bridal, Eben and Lachrimana.

Bloodshard Tabards

Mounted Leaf

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Leaf's Kitty

Leafy in Desolace

...sometimes you end up buried face first in the sand.

Van Cleef Beheaded!

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Hurne, Amontal, Zarama, Anastasis and Glaive defeated the Deadmines last night. One wipe, but no other deaths.

Click on the pic for a larger version.

Lachrimana, Undead Warlock, 18, Tailoring 65, Enchanting 41

Jimlass, Rogue, 25
Justified, Tauren, Druid, 10

Eben, Tauren Druid L36 (Skinner 230, Leatherworker 175)
Sareth, Undead Warlock L8

Skara - 19 Undead Warlock - Herbalism 75/Something Else that I can't remember at low skill.

Bridal, undead rogue, 35, alch/herb around 220.

Ashtang: Orc Hunter, Beastmastery Spec. Level 45, Skinning 300,
Leatherworking (dragonscale) 256. Also has 271 cookery
Kheris: Undead Rogue Assassination Spec. Level 25, Skinning 200
Leatherworking 154
Fellhoof: Tauren Warrior. Level 14, Mining 84 Blacksmithing 80
Nemeya: Troll Shaman. Level 6

Simon G
Ambrose, Undead, Rogue, 25
Ancient, Tauren, Shaman, 11

Simon T
Widehorne, Tauren, Druid, 32

Nazgaroth: Troll Mage, Frost Spec. Level 24, Tailoring: 171 Enchanting 118
Thalnor: Orc Shaman, Enhancement Spec. Level 20, Mining 102 Engineering 113
Ashthorn: Tauren Druid, Restoration Spec. Level 15, Herbalism 100 Alchemy 67
Felhorn: Tauren Warrior, Level 9 - will be a miner / blacksmith

Noxia, undead priest, 4 - after initial enthusiasm, I've returned to playing Blayse. I'm a one char boy.

Shattered Ravens Roster 9/10/05


Leafshine, Night Elf Druid, 40, Restoration specced, Enchanting 181, Tailoring 171
Amontal, Human Mage,19, Alchemy 97, Herbalism 107
Amontel, Human Priest, 10, Mining 52, Engineering 33
Boltcracker, Gnome Rogue, 7, Skinning 40

Poppity, Gnome, Warlock, 55, Engineering 291, Mining 285, Mounted
Nuthatch, Night Elf, Hunter, 18
Jasper, Human, Paladin, 15

Buliwyf, Dwarf Paladin L46, *mounted* (Miner 230, blacksmith 190)
Andromache, Human Mage L40 (Tailor 215, Enchanter 180)
Roneth, Dwarf Hunter L20
Maniere, Human Rogue L6

Alarqa (Main) - 45 Warrior - Mounted, Alchemy (over 200) Herbalism (similar)
Balthor - 45 Hunter - Mounted, Mining (around 180?) Engineering (over 200)
Elunae - 44 Druid - Mounted, Tailoring (over 200) and Enchanting (over 200)

Psia - 51 NE Hunter - Mining 220/Gnomish Engineering 240, Mounted
Alyce - 17 Human Priest - Herbalism 35/Tailoring 75 (send me all your linen!)

Aberas, Dw Priest (Male) lvl 14
Lissandra, Hu Warlock (Female) lvl low

Tydal, human priest, 18, skinning/tailoring

Eldanar: Human Pally, Retribution Spec. Level 53. Mining 300, Blacksmithing 265 (amoursmith tree)
Ashilandra: Night Elf Druid, Balance Spec. Level 40. Herbalism 273, Alchemy 251. Also has cookery at 235
Alarain: Human Priest, Shadow Spec. Level 24. Tailoring 196 Enchanting 109
Gradjo: Dwarf Warrior, Defense (probably!) Spec. Level 22, Mining and skinning
Valnaur: Human Mage, Arcane/Fire Spec. Level 20, mining and skinning
Balopius: Gnome Warlock. Level 7, Mining and Engineering

Ranamir - Night Elf Hunter, 37, Leatherworking/Skinning 220?

Almaron: Human 52 rogue Skinning (300) Leatherworking 267 not yet specialised (will be Elemental) not yet mounted

Simon G
Scowlin, Dwarf, Priest, 56, Tailoring 270, Skinning 300, Mounted
Jimlad, Human, Rogue, 38
Glaive, Human, Paladin, 22
Firebeard, Dwarf, Hunter, 18
Gum, Gnome, Warrior, 15
Wyntair, Night Elf, Druid, 15

Simon T
Strobmoli, Gnome, Mage, 42, herbs : 210, enchants:72, Mounted
Esatobeen, Elf, Warrior, 29, mines: 100ish, engineers 60ish

Mhyrel: Night Elf Hunter, Markmanship Spec. Level 44, Skinning: 299 Leatherworking: 236. Mounted
Naiad: Human Warlock, Affliction Spec. Level 24, Herbalism: 155 Alchemy: 154
Nightstealth: Gnome Rogue, Level 6 - currently camped at AH but will eventually do mining and engineering
Vanth: Dwarf Pally, level 7 - mining / herbalism
Ranyia: Night Elf Priest - just started

Rebraal (lvl 60 NE Hunter) Marksmanship specced 300 Skinning 300 Dragonscale Leatherworking, Mounted
Darkkin (lvl 55 DW Rogue) Ass/Sub specced 300 Herbalism 300 Alchemy, Mounted
Hirard (lvl 16 HU Warrior) not much else
Denser (lvl 9 Warlock) not much else
Thraun (lvl 7 Druid) not much else

Blayse, gnome mage, 30, mining (100?) + engineering (120?)
Fetch, gnome warrior, 2 - AH mule

Leaf's Autumn Collection

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Just a quick thank you to Reb for the new outfit, and Scowlin and Alarqa for helping Leafy through the Scarlet Monastery to get her new hitty stick. Here's how she looks now:

Leafy Victory

It's great being part of this guild sometimes!

Molten Core

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Well, last night on Twilights Hammer, my brother (Artful, but plays a UD priest called Nightware on TH) and I (playing Athum, my shaman on TH) did our first Molten Core raid with the guild we belong to on TH (called Fleetwood). The Guild does the first 6 bosses on Friday (Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr, Baron Geddon and Shazzrah), and the rest (Golemag, Sulfuron, Majordommo, Ragnoros) on a Sunday night.

To start with, I was totally overwhelmed by the 40 man raid thing. It felt like a Tarren Mill PvP zergfest pre-battlegrounds, except versus mobs. However, as I gradually 'got my eye in', things started to make more sense.

Molten Core, to be defeated, is not an instance you can just wander into and explore. Sheesh, even the starter trash mobs spam hit anyone who gets too close for over 1k (at least, thats what I as a mail user was getting hit for!). The bosses are of course much worse! (Shazzrah aoe's for 1k, and does an aoe debuff that takes it up to 2k if mages/druids don't remove curse fast enough, and magmadar chucks our a curse that hits you for 2k in 10 sec, and throws fireballs that do 400 damage a sec for 8 secs! One of the bosses, I forget which, randomly picks a player every 30 sec and turns them into a bomb that does 2k aoe damage after 8 sec.

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