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Uldaman Boss Fight

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Simon / Scowlin's account of the boss fight in Uldaman, should anyone need it:

Uldaman Boss fight

On completing the Uldaman instance, I thought I would share some of our findings with you all. Firstly getting to the final fight is almost as hard as the actual battle. There are two trick "groups" that you will encounter in the later half of the instance.

  • The 4 team Troggs, 2 warrior types 44/45 elites, and 2 spell caster types 44/45 elite.
  • The Dwarven "pack" with golem, 4-6 non-elite 44/45 dwarves (immunes to poly, fear, and mind control) made of melee and mages, and 1 46 elite golem (also immune to the same stuff).

The first group is made difficult by the toughness of the warrior types, who seem to be able to pull off warrior specials (like execute) these however can be crowd controlled, so potentially less of an issue. Polymorph got put to use here, with the felhunter pet off tanking one of the spell casters.

More tricky are the "packs" with their golem. The golems have a nasty area affect stun and knockdown, with a large radius, and deal out a fair amount of damage, they are also quite melee damage resilient. The pack of "dwarves" mean a splitting of tanking is required, with the most durable tank holding the golem, and the best dps tank slaughtering the non-elites.

To open the door beneath the main chamber, an altar need to be activated (3 players right click the altar there) and four 46 elite golems need to be fought in quick succession. Luckily the next one only animates as the previous one dies, calm and slow here are mana management is critical.

About 3 "packs" later (watch out for the wandering solo golems, as when these add to the packs they can cause great problems) and you get to the boss fight chamber. Out side these doors are two more unanimated golems, these will not be involved in the fight unless you try and flee the main chamber as the boss fight begins, I suggest you stay in the chamber.

The party enters from the bottom of the map, through the doors and all inside. Non of the mobs inside will agro as they are all in "stasis" so feel free to have a look around, and count heads as you set up.

Archadeous, the boss in the middle (huge guy, nasty looking) hits like a void walker that hasn't had its cup of coffee in the morning. However he isn't the problem in this fight, his little fiends are, and if you want to kill him you will have to deal with nearly all of them (nearly is a key point). This means that tactics need to be applied to the fight.

As you cause damage to the boss, the little guys around the outside wake up, this appears to be a fixed increments of Archadeous' hp bar. The small dwarf golem types wake up first (for us the animated from the bottom up, indicated by a huge bolt of light from the boss to the mob about to wake) working its way around both sides, until about midway when he animates the six dwarf golems in the centre, the top section of dwarves are woken next, until at about 10-15% health the two golems animate at the same time, whilst the little guys continue to animate at normal speed.

That's a lot of mobs.

Our approach was to pick a tank, not just any tank, but the one that does the least fast damage, and can stand up to a beating all day long (insert Paladin here: thanks Eldanar) and set him up for highest damage mitigation and lowest dps this tanks job was to lock the boss in place, and keep his attention whilst doing two things:

  • Staying alive
  • Doing as little damage as possible

The reason for this strange approach becomes apparent when the fight starts, due to the boss hitting slowly and not for much (100 average and crit for 250 tops) he tank can be kept alive indefinitely by any half decent healer (it might be possible for a Paladin to keep himself alive during this fight - even better!). Where possible mana regeneration should out strip mana use for the whole group, keeping everyone's hps and mana at full until the last seconds of the fight.

With such little dps hitting the boss, his pets are woken slowly enough for the rest of the group to kill before they can gain numbers. Luckily the dwarf golem types (Lvl 44 or so non-elite) have very low hps, so even when the group of six animate mid way through they can be AE'd before they cause too much damage.

With everything going to plan, Archadeous should be at 20-15% hps and the whole party at nearly full mana, at this stage however things change. There will probably be around 6-8 dwarf golems around the walls at this ate when Archadeous wakes his two faithful golems (46 elites).

At this stage there are possibly two approaches;

  • The party leader gives the call to "BURN" and everyone opens up the damage on the boss, the plan for this is that as soon as he dies, so do all of his pets. This works, however on our run the priest (me) died in the last seconds due to over healing agro from all the extras
  • The boss tank (remember him, the bored one almost asleep tanking the boss) swaps targets and takes one of the golems, while off-tank takes the other, the party concentrates on killing both the golems before returning to the previous plan.

Whichever way it is done by this stage it should be easy.

Boss down, everyone loots (except me - being dead) and the doors on the topmost side of the room open for the platinum disk quest.

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