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Add-on: For all you speedreaders...

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If like me you find yourself waiting for the Quest text scroll to catch up, then I highly recommend the Quest Text Fade add-on.

It disables the text fade in and pops up the quest straight away. Obviously you shouldn't really use it to skip the quest text itself as I guess that would be self-defeating, but a very handy time-saver for fast readers or for when you revisit those old abandoned quests...

Download from 'ere:

Then unzip into \World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\bc_QuestTextFade and Robert will indeed become a close relative.

Have Fun!

Hunter and Mage Talent Guides

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Here's a couple of handy guides to help sort the wheat from the chaff when spending those valuable talent points...



Happy reading...


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Yay! Balthor hit 40, and thanks to some very selfless help from Reb grinding lvl 44 -45 Elite Dragonkin, and sharing blue text income with me, I had the gold for it as well! Thanks, Reb!

Balthor Mounted

Gamespy has been running a great screen grab-based comic called Flintlocke. I posted to the mailing list about it a while back, and then promptly lost the link. Well, I've found it again:



BeatenFathom Deeps

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Blackfathom Deeps Beaten Five Ravens took on BlackFathom Deeps and won. Alarqa, Ashilandra, Mhyrel, Psia and Leafshine completed the instance, and all four quests, with only two deaths. Both of those were Ash, incidentally.

A great girls' night out...

As I know there are at least a couple of other people in the Guild using Macs, you might find this Dashboard widget (for Tiger, if you have it) useful:

Server Status Dashboard Widget

Apple - Mac OS X Downloads - Dashboard Widgets - WoW Server Status Widget:

It lets you see the status of any WoW server before you logon. Neat.

Bloodshard Charter

He likes to watch

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Westfall SleepersAmontal's a voyeur. Who knew...?

World PvP in Tarren Mill

Several evenings last week Buliwyf took part in the Alliance-Horde "war" that raged in Hillsbrad as the rival settlements of Southshore and Tarren Mill squared off against each other. Horsies aren't much use in combat - basically you can't fight while mounted - but damn, do they look good en-masse!

• Ashthorn - Tauren Druid (herbalist / alchemist)
• Nazgaroth - Troll Mage (tailor/enchanter)

• Fellhoof - Tauren warrior
• Blacktusk - Tauren Shaman
• Valnaur - Undead Mage
• Ashtang - Orc Hunter

• Lachrimana - Undead Warlock

• Justified - Tauren druid

• Ancient - Tauren shaman
• Shard - orc warrior (blacksmith, mining)

• Bridal - Undead Rogue (Alch/Herb)

• Eben - Tauren Druid, Lvl 12 (Leath/Skin)
• Sareth - Undead Warlock

Kekkejiq's Mount

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