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First post test

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This is a test post.


Blayse, Mhyrel, Ashilandra, Windwhisper and Jimlad braved the deadmines last night. We swept through the caves, unstoppable. Jimlad, our hardened and experienced rogue, was out front, scouting and pulling, while Ash and Myrel kept watch for patrols. Jimlad would cripple the enemies we came across, then Mhyrel, our hunter, would empty a few rounds from her gun and charge in for the kill. Ash, at one with nature, would cover us with protective thorns, and call forth searing light while Blayse sent arcing missiles of magical energy into the frey. Windwhisper, the enigmatic Shaddow Priest, was there fighting, but also blessing us with healing. We were a great team.

The upper levels posed no problems as the Defias didn't work together - we managed to pick them off one by one. Even a patrol of mages were dealt with swiftly. We met some resistance from goblins deeper into the cave, but, with teamwork, these were defeated. Even the goblin's mighty machines were no match for our firepower. Swiftly we drew near to our target. Blayse, an engineer as well as a mage, set off the giant cannon we found, blasting through the iron doors separating us from Van Cleef. We swept into the underground bay and dispatched the waiting pirates there.

But then something happened. Reality shuddered and we were thrown to the ground and disorientated. Some of us were teleported to our homes against our will, others lost control of themselves and were butchered while they tried to reconnect with their bodies. Sadly the expedition had been stopped in its tracks by a freak force of nature.

But we will return, one day, to claim the head of that scoundrel Van Cleef!

Bergeld gets rammed!

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Bergeld's New Ram

Test post

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A quick test of the new blog.

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